Pro:Centric Smart TV High Connectivity

32, 39, 42, 47, 55


  • Pro:CentrIc P(Smart) / DVB-T/C
  • HybrId streamIng RF & IP / Pro:IdIom
  • Smart share: WIFI DIrect, WIDI / Pre-loaded app
  • Smart mIrrorIng / Remote dIagnostIcs and control (IP)


DesIgn the comfort of your Guests

LG Pro:Centric Smart offers all the customizable tools that our partner can optimize Hotel Tvs with IP-based programs: Flash, HTML5 and Java

Enjoy Smarter ConnectIvIty

Commercalized connectivity is ever revolutionized with smart TV functions such as smart share and WİDİ, which enables guests to lay and view content from their digital devices on their in-room TVs.

MaxImIze the servIce wIthIn MInImIzed CapacIty

Hotel guests can now enjoy a greater variety of applications and services with their guest room TVs.In addition, with LG's advanced History auto delete function, privacy of guests are strongly secured

Save bIg on costs

Save big on the expensed of managing the hotel TVs with LG's unique STB integrated solutıon and IP over coax

Dizayn, özellikler ve spesifikasyonlar önceden haber verilmeksizin değişmeye tabiidir. Ürün özelliklerinin anlatımında kullanılan görseller belirtilen üründen farklı olabilir.

LG Pro:Centric Smart offers the customizable tools that our partners can optimize the Hotel TVs with IP based programs; Web-kit and HTML5. With this expansion of control it provides premium hotel services without the need for a set-top box. In addition, more services such as enhanced connectivity and display sharing are available to the guests with LG Smart TV technology.

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