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6 Motion Washing Machines

With an LG 6 Motion washing machine, you’ll enjoy amazing performance and unmatched results every time. Get ready to experience a six motion washing machine, with a programme for every fabric type - resulting in one amazing wash. Learn More

With six ways to wash, the LG 6 Motion washing machine’s Direct Drive lets you choose the one that’s right for you:

Tumble: Standard Turn washing machine motion.

Scrub: Intensive - As water is supplied to the LG 6 Motion washer, the combination of scrub motion and the waved lifters create a figure-8 shape and a ‘trough’ of water. This helps to dissolve powder detergent better and faster.

Rolling: Silent Wash - In this wash, laundry is rolled below the water level. This creates more friction with the inner drum and is less damaging to clothes. So it’s more effective, yet kinder, too.

Swing: Delicates - The soft swing of the LG 6 Motion washing machine has a heart shaped motion that washes laundry below the water line.

Filtration: Perfect Spray - A combination of spinning and spray from the water shower forms the filtration movement. This movement soaks the laundry faster and more evenly.

Stepping: Wrinkle Care- In conventional washing machines, clothes get stuck to the inner drum after spinning. To counter this, conventional machines rotate the drum, which only moves in one direction and won’t allow clothes to drop easily. The action of rotating and stopping repeatedly in the LG Six Motion washing machine prevents wrinkles.

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