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Frédéric Christophe

LGEMF, Standard- and Advanced-Technologies Group

Frédéric Christophe bio

I'm a standards and advanced technologies director at LGEMF. I was looking for new career challenge and became interested in LG because of its success in the mobile phone market. I felt that LG was one of the few manufacturers that could find the key to success in this line of business and come to master the industry as a whole.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: My name is Frédéric Christophe, Standards and Advanced Technologies Director at LGEMF (LG Electronics Mobilecomm France).

Q: Would you please describe your job?

A: Within LGEMF, I manage the department that is in charge of standardization (i.e. 3GPP, OMA, ETSI), and technologies assessment.

Q: Please tell us about the company (subsidiary) you are affiliated with.

A: LGEMF has two main activities: mobile phone marketing for Europe and the European Mobile Phone R&D Center. The R&D Center itself covers: Engineering, Product Validation, Quality & Customer Service and Standards & Advanced Technologies; its main objectives are to develop SW customization for European customers, validate all mobile phones before commercial launch in Europe, manage product quality assurance and service optimization at European level, and sustain the LG strategy of becoming the main player in standards.

Q: What were the primary reasons for selecting LG electronics as your company of choice?

A: After having worked in a French Telecommunications Group for 18 years, I was looking for new challenges. At that time, LG's strong and quick success in the mobile phones market was of particular interest to me. I felt that LG was one of the very few manufacturers that would be able to master the key success factors in this line of business: technical innovation and appealing design.

Q: During your time at LG Electronics, what has been most rewarding?

A: The most rewarding thing is learning another way of thinking about business and designing products, and also discovering a different culture.

Q: Can you tell us of your vision and future goals for your work at LGE?

A: I think that LGE has the capability and the assets to increase its market share and profit in the consumer electronics business. I personally hope to learn more and more and would also like to enhance LGE's capacity through my own experience, competence and western viewpoint.