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Jeong Chun-Hee

LGECH, Public Relations Group

Jeong Chun-Hee bio

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work for the company. I am very proud to be an LG employee and thanks to the support and opportunities offered by the company—and my own dedication and perseverance—I have been able to progress from junior employee to PR manager.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: My name is Jeong Chun-Hee and I'm the manager of the Public Relations Group at LG Electronics China Holding Company. I'm a Korean-Chinese citizen, born and raised in Shenyang. I currently live in Beijing, where I moved after graduating from high school and being accepted at the Central University of Nationalities in 1991. I majored in Finance. I joined LG Electronics China Holding Company in 1998.

I worked as a secretary for three years before moving to the BC Group, where I was responsible for Home Appliance Advertising and PR. I stayed there until November 2006, when I moved to the Public Relations Group proper. I'm currently taking part in a three-month training session with the company's Public Relations Team—as a selected member of the Global Job Training (GJT) project that’s being organized by the China Holding Company.

I also got married soon after my graduation from university, in 1995; and I have a daughter who’s currently in the fourth grade.

Q: Would you please describe your job?

A: I'm in charge of the China Holding Company's corporate PR. My primary duties include CEO PI, brand-related press releases, journalistic management, company press publications, and communication for the company's Public Relations Team. I'm currently the lead manager of the Public Relations department. The Public Relations Group is actually supervised by a Korean Foreign Service Employee (FSE) senior manager, responsible for all PR tasks, including Korean correspondent management, CEO PI, and ensuring that the company's communication channels remain open. I'm also responsible for Chinese press management.

My team consists of four employees, two for local press management and two for company press publications. While supervising and managing their work, I also support my senior manager in a general capacity, including CEO PI and communication.

Risk-management is one of our department's core duties. In cases of risk or crises, we are responsible for quickly summoning the departments concerned, in order to swiftly devise and implement effective countermeasures. From time to time, we assist other departments with various issues and events to better introduce ourselves to other employees.

Q: Please tell us about the subsidiary you’re affiliated with.

A: LG Electronics China Holding Company was founded in 1995. The company currently manages 13 production facilities and five subsidiaries all around China, with a primary focus on telecommunications, home appliances, and IT. In 2006, the company recorded nine billion dollars in sales profit, with 85% coming from exports, and 15% from domestic consumption.

The head office for the China region is located in Beijing. The company currently houses 38,000 employees region-wide. After the appointment of President Wo Nam-Kyoun in 2006, the company adopted new strategies based on specialization, centralization, and globalization—and restructured its business fields to focus on telecommunications and home appliances. Currently, the company is working to promote its flagship products, including terminals and TVs, through dynamic marketing and advertising.

To further establish its global position, they’re also focusing on education and training. Since last year, the company has been sending its employees to developed, English-speaking countries and Korea as part of its GJT Project; and last November, The LG Business School opened in Beijing, and is now offering educational courses on a regular basis, to better support its employees and improve their performance at work.

LG Electronics' premium market strategy was highly successful in China. The company's products are better valued, and the brand is now more familiar than ever before. On the whole, sales of its premium products represent 50%.

In all, the pace is quite promising, and I expect the company to reach its targeted sales profit of 10 billion dollars (including exportations) in the China region, by next year.

Q: What were the primary reasons for selecting LG Electronics as your company of employment?

A: I had known about the company since my university years. Its logo—the big, round, red smiley face, was very attractive to me, lending a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Further, I always considered my proficiency in the Korean language as a competitive asset and estimated that this would be of great advantage, both for the Korean companies and for my own personal work performance. Among such companies, LG Electronics was the one I most wanted to work for after graduating.

Q: During your time at LG Electronics, what has been most rewarding?

A: During my nine years with LG Electronics, I've always been proud of working for the company. Over the course of this time, I grew from an inexperienced junior employee into a PR manager—due in part to my own perseverance, but I definitely wouldn't be here without the company's dedicated support and the opportunities they’ve afforded me. Within my specific role in Home Appliance advertising, I’d say I've always felt a great sense of achievement upon learning about customers’ favorable reactions to our ads.

Q Can you tell us of your vision and future goals, with regard to your work at LGE?

A: I have never stopped striving toward my goal of becoming the company's top communications expert. I will continue to do my best to accomplish this goal and to foster LG Electronics' premium brand positioning.