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LGETA, Vacuum Cleaner Purchasing Department

Liyang bio

My department helps develop new vacuum cleaner models, and decide on pricing. I chose LG because I knew that they were the kind of company that would give me the opportunities needed to realize my ambitions. My goal is to lead my team to become one of the best in the V/C factory.

My name is Liyang, I graduated from JILIN University in 2003. I have worked at LGETA for over three years. I am in the Vacuum Cleaner Purchasing Department. I am a 1 Part team leader. My team works on developing new models with the Design Department and decides on the pricing of items. This year we need to develop at least seventeen models, so we are very busy.

Before I joined LG Electronics, I heard the company was one of the top 500 companies in the world and the company's motto was GCGP (Great Company Great People). I believed I could achieve my goals in the company, so I chose LG Electronics for a good reason.

The most rewarding thing from having worked at LG over the last three years is that my communication skills have improved enormously. My business knowledge has also improved significantly. There is so much training offered at LG, and I have learnt so much about how I work.

My goal for my time at LGE is to lead my team to being one of the best teams in the V/C factory, and for me personally to become one of those "Great People." I think LGE will be a great leader in the future.