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LG Electronics China, R&D Center

LuoBing bio

My job involves researching mobile terminals and coding audio profiles, as well as project management. LG is an ambitious company that produces many different products and product lines. I hope to develop my skills further, to become a proficient project leader over time.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: I am LuoBing, from the LG Electronics China R&D Center. I come from Xi'an City and I have worked in the UMTS SW1 Group since May 19, 2003. I have worked hard since the day I started and have taken part in almost 20 projects, like the G7100, the KG328, and the KG130, to name a few.

Q: Would you please describe your job?

A: My job mainly involves researching mobile terminals. My responsibilities are coding audio profiles, and project management. As a Part leader, I have to do some non-development work too.

Q: Please tell us about the subsidiary you are affiliated with.

A: LG Electronics China R&D Center has only been established a short time, but already it’s completed numerous projects. Right now, they’re working on independently developing a mobile terminal. The center's management still lacks direction, and a lot of the regulations need improving. With everyone's input, though, this will improve over time.

Q: What were the primary reasons for selecting LG Electronics as your company of choice?

A: LG is a great global company, covering electronics, chemistry, etc. They produce many products. They are ambitious. The LGE R&D Center was founded in 2002 and it’s a new research center for company, and I think it has a great new vision.

Q: Can you tell us of your vision and future goals for your work at LGE?

A: Being a good project leader is my ambition. I think I will be a good leader in future.