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Yantao Sun

LGETA, Air-Conditioning Production Team

Yantao Sun bio

I am a mechanical- and craft-processing engineer in a paint shop. Since starting work at LGE, I have really come to appreciate the importance of teamwork. When people work together, they can achieve big things. I hope to be working for the Quality Department in the future.

My name is Yantao Sun, and I joined LG Electronics in July 2004. For three years I have worked as a Mechanical- and Craft-Processing Engineer in the 2nd part air-conditioning paint shop. I enjoy reading and socializing and such. And I have lots of friends in the company, so even though my family is not around, I don't feel lonely.

My work involves eliminating faults. And this is interesting because I have to think about what might be causing the faults. It’s through thinking that your abilities improve. And I’m keen to stay in the shop because practice makes perfect. If a machine is faulty, my colleagues work together to get the machine working again.

Since starting work at LGE, I have understood that one person is just a link in a bigger chain. I love this way of thinking! Teamwork and cooperation brings people together, and when people work together, they can achieve big things—and big achievements are our main goal. I'm very proud to be an LGE employee.

In my role, I get to see the faults in areas like quality. And Quality is paramount. Without quality, there's no success. So, each and every day, we have to improve our quality-management. But real quality does not lie in appearance; the most important aspect is functionality. My goal is to be working for Quality Department in a couple of years.