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Zhang Hui


Zhang Hui bio

As one of the top 500 corporations worldwide, LG had always represented an attractive option—and it has been an honor to work for them. The knowledge, training, and skills I’ve gained here have given me a great foundation from which to build to my career.

It was a real honor to work at the LG Electronics China Headquarters in July of last year. As a student who had just graduated from Tsinghua University, I was determined to choose a company and industry that would serve as a strategic starting-point to my career. And LG Electronics was an attractive option due to its high-ranking (in the TOP 500 Global Corporations) and its amazing building on Changan Avenue. I eventually joined the warm, family-like H.E. PM Team at LG Electronics in AV Gr.

I admire the company’s strong, innovative spirit, and as reflected in their impressive array of product ranges—for example the Chocolate® phone, Time Machine TV, and the recently released Shine phone. I see LG Electronics making a huge contribution to industry’s advancement over time—and I plan to be there every step of the way.

Almost one year in, I’ve gone from university student, to a member of the PM staff. I'm still young, but I’m already taking part in the fierce Chinese market. This type of work experience—the knowledge, training, and skills I have received from the company, along with incredible guidance from my great supervisor and colleagues—has given me a fantastic start to my career.

In addition, LG Electronics continues to expand, growing more open every day, so I imagine there will be increased opportunities for me in the world arena, over the next few years as well.