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Hwan Yong Nho

President and CEO / Air Conditioning & Energy Solution Company

Mr. Nho, Hwan-Yong was born in 1956. He was majored in mechanical engineering at the Pusan University, and completed MBA program at the Mcgill University.

In 1980, he joined LG Corporation. For 26 years of his carrier at the LG Corp., he experienced variety job position, such as a head of R&D Dept., chief manager for producing Air-conditioning systems, the president of Washing Machine (henceforth WM Div.), and so on.

In 1999, he was promoted to the president of WM Div. As the president of WM Div., he created the "Miracle of the TROMM" (One of the characteristic brand of washing machine in LG), and the TROMM is now No.3 selling washing machine products in the World.

Mr. Nho was promoted to his current job position in 2009, which is the president & CEO of Air-conditioning Company (henceforth AC Com.). As well as few other CEOs, he is also one of the representative CEO in LG Corp. Under his remarkable passion and management skill, LG air conditioner has been recorded for No 1. Selling air-conditioning products in the World for eight consecutive years.

President Nho's philosophy on managing company that is, building harmonious relationship between the labor and management, and Hiring talented people and creating an atmosphere in which they can flourish, so-called "management of brain".