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Jong-Seok Park

Executive Vice President and CEO / Mobile Communications Company

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Dr. Jong-seok Park is President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. A 30-year veteran of LG Electronics, Dr. Park previously served as head of LG’s Mobile Handset R&D Center, before which he spent 17 successful years at LG’s digital TV business. With this vast experience and strong record of achievement, Dr. Park is now devoted to leading LG’s Mobile Communications Company to the next major breakthrough in the mobile industry.

While serving as head of the Mobile Handset R&D Center, Dr. Park was in charge of directing the research and development of all LG’s mobile products. Dr. Park showed particularly assured leadership in transitioning the R&D Center’s focus from feature phones to smartphones, while simultaneously enhancing the company’s overall expertise and technologies.

During Dr. Park’s tenure developing digital television technology, which began in 1992, his lab continually introduced new innovations, such as DTV transmission technology, DTV Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology and various digital TV sets including the Time Machine, which paved the way for a global change in how we watch television.

In 1998, Dr. Park was promoted to the position of Vice President as well as head of the Digital TV Research Lab. In 2003 he became head of the Corporate Strategy Planning Team, and in 2006 LG Electronics again recognized Dr. Park’s work and excellence by making him an Executive Vice President and head of the Home Entertainment Company Research Lab.

The Korean government has also acknowledged Dr. Park’s commitment to making his country a global leader in technology and LG Electronics one of the foremost electronics companies in the world. Since 1997, Dr. Park has received four Presidential and Prime Ministerial awards.

Dr. Park holds a Bachelor of Science in electronic engineering from Seoul National University and a Master of Science in electronic engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. After earning a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Florida in the United States, Dr. Park further broadened his expertise by receiving a Master of Business Administration from McGill University in Canada.