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Ki Wan Kim

Executive Vice President and CEO / Middle East & Africa

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Ki Wan Kim was appointed as President and CEO of LG Electronics MEA in 2006, being recognized for his great performance. Since he joined LG Electronics (formerly Goldstar) in 1982, he has truly been an 'LG person', with innovative ideas, passion for his job, and a desire for value creation.

He has achieved great success wherever he has worked at LG since the day he joined. When he was junior staff, he was nicknamed the '6 million dollar man' because he had received an OEM order from Philips. As Head of the Budapest office, he won the prize for 'Top Salesman' when he signed a TV deal for 200,000 units with the Romanian government, and Goldstar TV reached 90% of the market share in Romania.

After he came back to Korea, he continuously made successes in the business. As Head of the AV overseas marketing team, he contributed a great deal to the company. He introduced PMS (Product Market Strategy) and wrote PMS apprentice, which helped overseas marketing managers learn a field-based strategic framework. During his time as Head of the AV overseas marketing team, LG reached first place in the global market share in DVD and home theater products, and annual average sales grew to 26%.

He was transferred to Dubai as Head of MEA Headquarters in 2006. Since his transfer, the MEA region has shown remarkable results. Overall growth rate has reached 22% and, in particular, sales figures for mobiles phones and commercial products have risen to 150% and 50%, respectively.

There have also been many other positive changes in the MEA region, not only in business figures. He set up the Marketing ROI System for the first time in LG in order to make marketing planning more effective and to project expected results before marketing activity is executed. He is also working on turning branch offices in Algeria and Turkey into subsidiaries to enhance consumer relationship, operational excellence, and brand marketing. He has also enhanced the HR system in the region as he firmly believes that great people make a great company.

As someone who always emphasizes the importance of literature, history, and philosophy, Ki Wan Kim is an avid book reader and never stops learning. He also enjoys sports like golf and swimming, and occasionally participates in marathons.