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Kun-Pyo Lee

Executive Vice President / Head of Corporate Design Center

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Kun-Pyo Lee was appointed Head of LG’s Corporate Design Center in August 2010.

Prior to joining LG, Mr. Lee was a professor and head of the Department of Industrial Design at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He has also been director of Human-Centered Interaction Design Lab and adjunct professor at Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Lee was also a consultant for design planning and interface design. Major areas of interests include design methodology, human-centered design and cultural user-interface design.

Mr. Lee is the recipient of numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the first Osaka International Design Competition, award for best paper at the 2nd Asian Design Conference and designer of the year by Korea’s Design Magazine, among others.

Professional positions and activities have included: secretary general of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR), fellow and council member of the Design Research Society, president of the Korea Society for Emotion and Sensibility (KSES), president of the Korean Society of Design Science (KSDS) and international editor for Design Studies, International Journal of Design and Design Research Quarterly. He is also on the advisory board of UXnet (US), Human-Centered Design Network (Japan) and Design & Emotion Society.

Mr. Lee has published over 60 papers in overseas and domestic design journals and presented more than 170 papers at international design conferences.