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Seog Won Park

Executive Vice President and CEO / North America

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Since 2007, as President and CEO of LG Electronics Korea, Wayne (Seog Won) Park has been responsible for cultivating the LGE brand in the Korean market by developing and spreading advanced marketing skills and best practices.

Mr. Park joined LGE in 1982 after he finished his undergraduate program at Seoul National University, where he majored in Economics. Mr. Park has extremely diverse business expertise, such as marketing and sales, corporate strategy, and management.

In the 1990's, he achieved outstanding performance in the North American market as Head of LGE Canada, Vice President of Zenith Electronics Corp., and Vice President of LGE U.S.A. More importantly, he successfully penetrated the North American market. At the beginning of 2000 when he was appointed Vice President of Digital TV Marketing, he led LGE's digital TV strategy and successfully concluded a number of significant contracts with strategic partners (TI, Hitachi, 3MPO, etc.)

While he was in charge of business audit and assessment at LG Corp. (the holding company of LG Group), he evaluated the business performances and managed potential business risk for LGE and its subsidiaries, including LG Philips LCD, LG Innotek, and LG Micron.

Before taking charge of LGE Korea, he created the company's global business strategy, evaluated the marketability of emerging markets and reviewed new business items as Corporate Strategy Executive Vice President.

Mr. Park strongly believes that continuous performance achievement can only be assured when each individual at the organization is equipped with strong core competencies. He also emphasizes that, as a consumer goods company, LGE should focus on identifying consumer insights in order to create customer value which will differentiate LGE from its competitors.