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Management By Principles

The starting point for LG Electronics' business pursuits lies in the company's commitment to society and to developing new ideas. LG Electronics' "Management by Principles" embodies our high ethical standards of doing business in a transparent and honest manner.

As LG continues to develop as a global leader, its strength will continue to be derived through this pursuit of a greater good, while upholding the fundamentals of cooperation, mutual trust, and respect for the free market economy.

The LG Way

"Management by Principle" ("Jeong-do" Management) is the ethical code LG abides by in all its affairs-aiming to succeed through fair management practices, and constantly striving to better our business skills.

Sustainability Management System

"Creating value for customers" and "respect-based management" have long been the principles behind LG Electronics' management activities-aiming, in sum, to promote the basics of sustainable corporate management. Moving forward, these two philosophies will continue to provide a framework for our corporate style.

LG Electronics has established four basic methods to achieve corporate sustainable management.

Firstly, LG Electronics continually assesses new ways to develop its organization and systems-and to strengthen its internal competencies-so that the three focal points of sustainable management: economic profitability, eco- friendliness, and social responsibility, can be assured.

Secondly, LG Electronics systematically manages risks by identifying and closely monitoring both financial and non-financial concerns, such as the environmental and social issues of domestic and international businesses.

Thirdly, LG Electronics monitors communication channels with heightened analysis relating to the parties concerned, reflecting their opinions and requests more effectively.

Finally, LG Electronics intends to build global leadership by using its brand strategies in connection with corporate sustainable management activities.

Through such activities, LG Electronics will continue to yield strong results-economic, environmental and social-a company duly trusted and respected by its customers.

Corporate Management System

LG Electronics' advanced corporate governance scheme is centered around its professional management personnel and board of directors, establishing straightforward and transparent management practices while maximizing the company's shareholder and corporate values.

Code of Ethics

It is the intention of LG, as set forth in its management charter, to abide by key ethical principles of creating value for the customer, and utilizing respect-based management tools to foster an open and responsible managerial style. As such, all LG employees have vowed to act, in all their affairs, in accordance with the values and judgments delineated in our ethics code.












Ethics Hotline

Have you witnessed unethical or illegal behavior at LG? Use the Ethics Hotline to confidentially report conduct that does not match LG's high ethical standards. Ethics Hotline