Couture Catastrophes

...and how to avoid them

We’ve all been there. Accidentally putting that killer cashmere knit in the wash with the Y-fronts. Or tactically ignoring the ‘dry-clean-only’ instructions on a to-die-for designer dress.

It’s hard to let go of treasured fashion items when laundry catastrophes strike. But there is a way to help avoid disasters. LG’s 6-Motion Direct Drive technology is inspired by gentle handwash motions, cleaning your delicates powerfully yet gently – and helping you take more care of what you wear.

The Shrunken Strut

LG’s 6 Motion washing machines take care of your favourite items of clothing by having washing cycles which minimise the chance of your clothes shrinking. To achieve this clothes are gently tossed side-to-side for a delicate hand wash effect.

The Fraying Mantis

Our favourite items see enough wear and tear without having to endure it in the wash. LG’s 6 Motion protects delicates by using a gentle swing motion in the water, keeping clothes below the water level and preventing cloth damage.

The Misshapen Meander

With a tailored washing cycle for woollen garments LG’s 6 Motion washing machines help keep your finest clothing looking its best.