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Advanced Fitness Band

Fitness takes many forms, from a weekend
hike to rediscovering the pleasures of walking.
Lifeband Touch’s advanced sensor technology provides the ease of use and in-depth data you can count on, wherever a healthy lifestyle takes you.


Fitness & Activity Trackers

Want to get fit – and stay that way? An activity tracker from LG can help. From a fitness monitor you wear on your wrist to innovative heart rate-monitoring earphones, you can track everything from calories burned to miles covered. Learn More

Join the fitness revolution with an activity tracker from LG – a piece of kit you’ll want on your wrist, not in your locker. Our state-of-the-art fitness devices offer a fusion of advanced activity tracking, biometric data, Bluetooth connectivity plus easy accessibility to your music and phone.

More features than ever before: An LG activity tracker has all the features you’d expect from an ordinary fitness tracker, and so much more. Besides being a timer, stopwatch and alarm clock, the wristband can tell you calories burned, speed, miles covered, acceleration and GPS data. It lets you change your music and monitor incoming calls, plus it enables you to see your heart rate if you have the LG earphone heart rate monitors.

Ultimate in comfort: Sleek and stylish, the wristbands are available in a selection of sizes so they’ll never feel bulky or slip off when you’ve worked up a sweat. They’re also discreet enough to wear all the time, making them perfect for tracking everyday activities like walking to work or mowing the lawn.

Crisp readout: Forget baffling displays with too much going on, the information on this fitness tracker is clear enough to read at a glance while you’re on the go. Want to change the display? A flick of the wrist is all you need.

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