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Dual Eye 2.0™

dual eye

Using a unique Dual Eye System, the HOM-BOT SQUARE performs a smart and precise clean – even in the dark!


With its new generation II-SLAM camera technology (Illumination Invariant based Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), the HOM-BOT SQUARE automatically calculates the intensity of light and scans the ceiling, taking pictures of the room and minimising wandering.

dual eye feature

While the Upper Camera takes 30 images per second, scanning ceiling surfaces, it continuously compares these images to generate simultaneous localisation and mapping information. The Lower Camera is an Optical Flow Sensor which reads the floor for measuring distances and recognising and obstacles and slight changes to the flooring.

Mapping Resume Function


Using the Mapping Resume function, the HOM-BOT SQUARE can return to its last position to continue cleaning even after being manually picked up and moved elsewhere.

This ensures any unnecessary repetition is avoided, so the whole area gets an even clean.

Collision Safe

With HOM-BOT SQUARE you needn’t worry about your precious belongings getting scratched. Multiple sensors recognise obstacles and minimise collision. An untrasonic sensor scans widely and precisely – even through glass and transparent objects – on a “bump-to-know” basis for unrecognised objects, which are then memorised for future routes.


Ultrasonic sensor of HOM-BOT SQUARE senses wider and more precisely. It can even sense glass and transparent objects.



Conventional robotic vacuums using only Infrared sensor, have a narrow sensing area.



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Robotic Square Vacuum Cleaner in Mirror Black with Dual Eye 2.0 Sensors



Robotic Square Vacuum Cleaner in Navy Smog with Dual Eye 2.0 Sensors



Robotic Square Vacuum Cleaner in Italian Red with Dual Eye 2.0 Sensors

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