MR16, CCT 5000K, Beam Angle 60°


  • Accent Lighting
  • Health Conscious
  • Saving Electric Charges
  • Excellent Compatibility


Accent Lighting

Turn any table or wall into a gallery-like display, bringing your art or special pieces to life with brilliant light.
LG LED MR16 is the perfect spot light that brings out the true color of the objects in our everyday space.

Saving Electric Charges

LG is dedicated to saving you money. Worry less about your energy bill because our products save you 78% on energy costs as compared to a halogen lamp. Given how long they last, we think you'll appreciate the extra money in your pocket.

Long Lasting

Enjoy substantially longer life and reduced costs when you use LG LED MR16. With a lifetime of 11 years* you can install the MR16 and not worry about having to get up on the ladder to change the light bulbs for a LONG time.

*11 year lifespan calculations are based on average of 12 hours operation per day.

Environmentally Conscious

Our products do not contain mercury so you can feel good about using them in your home. Also, LG LED light bulbs emit no UV (ultraviolet) light meaning that they won't fade your fabrics. Finally, since it's not flourescent, there will be no flickering, no unpleasant glare and, when you turn on the switch, LG LEDs are instantly on.

Health Conscious

LG LED MR16, the health conscious lamp, includes no hazardous wavelength which deteriorates the exhibits, nor does it have any flickering of light.
Hazardless – no UV (ultraviolet) nor IR (infra-red) rays, no mercury content. Even after 10 years of use, almost the same intensity of illumination can be maintained. No flickering for the comfort of your eyes.

- No heat, IR, or UV
- A healthier light for your family
- No need to worry about the unpleasant glaring, eye fatigue by flickering, or hazardous wavelength!

Excellent Compatibility

Excellent compatibility enables replacement of conventional halogen lamps without any additional cost.

Diverse Beam Angle

36 and 60 degrees of beam angle and cool and warm color temperature enable you to create just the space that you want! You can install then by yourself, completing your own interior design with diverse points and beam angles.

Decorative Lighting

If you are considering a sensible interior decoration, the LED Lamp MR16 is the solution. You can use it as the point lighting in your living room, corridor, or on the wall. LG LED MR16 is also the perfect solution for the decorative lightings in department stores, racks, hotel lobby, corridor, stairways, guest room, café, and small shops.

LED MR16 Transformer Compatibility List

The presence of a transformers on this chart is not a guarantee or warranty of the compatibility of the LG products in any particular installation. The absence of a transformer from this chart does not necessarily imply incompatibility. The list is provided for user’s safety information, not for commercial promotions, and the list of vendors is only a recommendation, not mandatory. The list is subject to change at anytime without notice. Please take extra care in selection of transformers. Please reference the transformer manufacturer’s instructions for further product information.

Photometric Data

Lighting Innovator LG LED

In conjunction with LG Innotek, we have integrated the entire value chain, We have invested more than one billion dollars to construct production facilities with a production capacity of 200 million LED chips. For the first time in the industry, we’ve adopted an advanced production system which can process 6-inch wafers. This puts us on the frontline of popularizing LED lighting and makes us a true lighting innovator.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

LG LED MR16 provides clean, bright light and creates a very stylish atmosphere.
Allow this light bulb to show off your space in a whole new light.

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