Before the birth of the ultimate OLED TV, how did Television evolve?

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Why is OLED TV the Ultimate Solution?

The difference only OLED self-lighting technology can deliver

LCD/LED TVs create an image using a backlight and other devices. Light shines through a filter to create different colours, but interference can cause distortion on the actual display.
However, the OLED TV creates a totally different experience. Just like the firefly naturally emits light, the OLED TV utilizes organic compounds for its independently lighting pixels. The OLED TV is the ultimate solution that eliminates the backlight, creating perfect black and perfect colour with high contrast and no distortion.


OLED TV is an advanced display that perfectly controls the light by turning on and off the pixels independently.
Thanks to these self-lighting pixels, only the OLED TV can deliver pure black without any halo effect and create the greatest range of colours and clearest images.

pattern images

* The pattern images are tested in a darkroom under the same condition.

OLED HDR, infinite contrast created under perfect light control

infinite contrast is also important in expressing HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) contents, and perfect control of the light is the key to infinite contrast. The infinite contrast range of the OLED TV with Perfect Black is ideal for HDR contents. As you can see in the image below, OLED TV’s infinite contrast is superior to LCD in representing the darker parts of an image. OLED TVs can reproduce over 20 stops of brightness compared to just 14 for the best LCD TVs.
The wider Dynamic Range of the OLED TV makes it possible to see details that cannot be seen on an LCD TV, and this ultimately makes a difference between HDR and OLED HDR.

OLED TV offers a new paradigm of picture quality

  • "If 4K HDR OLEDs like this one are the future of TV,
    then it's a future we're excited to be living in.”
    65EF950V, Stuff, 3/15/2016
  • “The OLED G6V presents the ultimate viewing experience and
    is the pinnacle of picture quality.”
  • “LG OLED TV is visually indistinguishable from perfect !”
  • “Great black levels usually lead to great colours, so it’s no surprise to find the
    55EG960V’s colours looking in many ways gorgeous.”
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The quality innovation of OLED TV is a revolution in design

Have you even wondered a TV made of glass?
The OLED TV with independently lighting pixels supports an ultra-thin structure allowing for another innovation, its Picture-On-Glass design. The picture is projected onto glass, improving not only the picture quality, but also creating a new paradigm in TV design.

The OLED TV, bringing dreams to life and creating new possibilities

Can you imagine a flexible TV? The OLED TV is not just a fixture in your living room, it is always moving forward. The OLED TV’s ground-breaking technology excites and inspires.
Let the OLED TV bring you the world through your TV.