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Lightwave Oven


  • Charcoal Lighting Heater™ crisps food - ideal for Roast Chicken!
  • Grill Temp. Control™ maintains a constant temperature for Even Cooking
  • Multi-Function Convection, Grill & Microwave for All your Cooking Needs


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Very Good All Round Microwave For me LG is sign of good quality and this is true for this Microwave. It feels really well built and that it will be long lasting. It is a bit complicated due to all it's functions but once you've used it a few times you get around to it. What I like the most about it are the multiple different settings and function from regular defrost to recipe programs (recipes are included in a booklet) to a fermentation setting (good to rise bread or make yogurt) to settings for baked potatoes or meat. It also has a range of accessories that come with it: a steamer, a low rack grill, a high rack grill, and a crisp plate. This is a very good microwave for the price! It is essentially a normal microwave, a grill, a steamer and a convection oven all in one! It goes as high as 200 C so you can pretty much bake anything you like in there (even cakes!). As an example, you could make pizza dough, let is rise using the fermenting function, bake it using the grill and re-heat it if needed using the microwave! The pull down door is also very good as it gives more space to take goods in/out. This microwave is also very big (32 L)! Perfect for a family! My only hick is that there used to be a popcorn setting on my old microwave and this one doesn't have one and I must admit I miss it! It's also on the expensive side but you do get a wonderful range of feature on it. 16 November 2013
Excellent Microwave We took a while to decide on which microwave to buy and finally settled on this one, after reading other reviews. It has proven to be an excellent choice very easy to use and with a pull down door, which we find to be a far better option, for us. 30 December 2012
Thoroughly recommended I was very impressed with this microwave and the more I got used to it, the better I liked it. A very good buy and thoroughly recommended. 15 December 2012
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Revolutionary heating technology that enables tastier, time and energy saving, and convenient cooking.

- Lightwave technology
- Charcoal Lighting Heater
- Active Convection
- Grill Temp Control
- Additional Benefit of Grill Temp Control
- 6 Cooking Modes
- Easy Clean Coating

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