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Lightwave Oven


  • Charcoal Lighting Heater™ crisps food - ideal for Roast Chicken!
  • Grill Temp. Control™ maintains a constant temperature for Even Cooking
  • Multi-Function Convection, Grill & Microwave for All your Cooking Needs


MJ3281BCS 3.2 5 6 6
Superb all rounder! Love the pull down door opening, the door has 4 metal catches to lock the door in place. The oven is quite large and heavy with plenty of room inside. An large glass plate and 2 grill racks are included(low and high heights), can cook pizza's easily although an pizza pre-set cooking option is missing which is a shame. This oven does not get as hot as other microwaves do, which is a good feature if you tend to place items on the top like paperwork which I do. The LG Lightwave is far more healthy than an normal microwave and the food tastes and smells fresher. It is stylish and smart to look at and can be shown off to your friends and family!. The recipe book is a disappointment as is thin and uses fancy ingredients likely to be left on your shelf and forgotten. This oven combi does the lot, steam,grill,oven, and lightwave your food, so buy one today! 19 January 2015
The worse Microwave/oven I have ever had! The worse Microwave/oven I have ever had! Since day one once it reaches a temperature it stops working.. then it backs again.. if the oven can reach a temperature it should not be advertise or give the option to cook at that temperature. Really disappointed with this product never again. 24 December 2013
Product is great but backup is rubbish Turntable plate broke for no apparent reason after just 6 months. LG doesn't cover under warranty but more annoying is they can't provide the right details for replacement part! Now been without turntable plate for over 2 weeks and still no closer to being resolved. Thank goodness John Lewis has a sense of customer focus as clearly LG doesn't 05 February 2013
Never Got To Try It Out. On Paper it was the best Microwave for us, but in reality it's just a piece of Junk and LG doesn't really want to help. Ordered the Microwave of John Lewis, for some reason the only place where you can buy it. First one that got delivered, after a lengthy unpacking, with the stupid Idea of the plastic film that even after removing it, you never be able to get it off in between the gaps, but hey it's protected isn't it? No is not, it had scratches all over it. So it went back. Replacement ordered, unpacked replacement, removed film. Good no scratches. Put it on the worktop, wonky and wobbly. hmmm worktop not straight? No just one leg of the Microwave too short! Great, Microwave going back. Ordered another replacement. Unpacked it just so the feet are free, not doing the film again and guess what... same Problem with the feet!! But thinking it was a dodgy batch and really only liking this Microwave I gave LG a call and told them about my problem and ask if there was anywhere else I could order it from or do something with the feet, maybe just replacement feet that I could attach. They said I could only sent it back for repair. It's a new microwave, apart from returning it to John Lewis, I don't want to sent it for repair. They gave me no options of buying it some place else or anything else. They obviously don't want to sell their product. Thanks LG for nothing! 09 January 2013
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Revolutionary heating technology that enables tastier, time and energy saving, and convenient cooking.

- Lightwave technology
- Charcoal Lighting Heater
- Active Convection
- Grill Temp Control
- Additional Benefit of Grill Temp Control
- 6 Cooking Modes
- Easy Clean Coating

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