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LG Gflex 2

Boldly contoured. Impressively tough. Exceptionally capable. However you look at it, the new LG G Flex 2 is a departure from convention.

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All LG Mobile Phones

Get on the move with the latest LG mobile phones. From state of the art features to skilfully crafted cases, all of our phones are amazingly intuitive to use. Pick your perfect handset here. Learn More

All the latest LG mobile phones are engineered to complete perfection. Faultless functionality comes courtesy of the Android™ operating system, while the range of ergonomic styles means all LG mobile phones operate seamlessly.

All LG mobiles showcase a sleek, stylish design – such as the artisanal inspiration of the G4, with its hand-crafted genuine leather case. So you get features which work effortlessly, like curved cases which give a natural grip for an improved user experience. In fact, we optimise every element of our designs, from screen size to materials.

Because all LG mobile phones give you a unique connection, they let you customise your experience, navigate effortlessly with beautiful touch screens and take stunning pictures with state of the art cameras. Meanwhile, stay connected to the world, wherever you are, with GPS, internet and email.

Tailored specially for the LG mobile phones UK market, we also have a whole range of accessories to help take you to the next step, from Bluetooth headsets to the LG Smart World content store.

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