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LG G2 D802



Review By: Stuff

Oct 03. 2013

The G2 is the best smartphone in the world right now

It’s not every day you get to play around with one of the world’s most powerful smartphones after all, and memories of its razor sharp display and intriguingly positioned power and volume buttons fanned the flames of our curiosity even further.

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision 5 Stars - G2

Review By: What Hi*Fi

Oct 01. 2013

A stunning display, ergonomic design, clever features, excellent camera, and power on tap.

The LG G2 is a brilliant phone. Its sound quality could be more engaging, though it does sound great with high-res audio. But arguably that’s outweighed by everything else on offer: a stunning display, ergonomic design, clever features, excellent camera, and power on tap. Due for an upgrade soon? This is a seriously tempting proposition.


Review By: T3

Oct 01. 2013

There’s a lot to like about it and it’s arguably the best LG phone to date

So we know LG can make excellent phones that push boundaries, whether it's in the pricing or the technology inside. The question now though is whether LG has learnt from all this and applied it to the G2.

Wired - G2

Review By: Katie Collins

Sep 13. 2013

The stunning screen is one of the main selling points of this phone

The UK hasn't seen many of LG's more impressive Android smartphones, but now following in the footsteps of the super-successful Google Nexus 4 comes the high-end G2.

Pocket-Lint - G2 Review

Review By: Ian Morris

Sep 13. 2013

Mission accomplished LG, the G2 is an astounding phone.

The G2 is easily a competitor for every other high-end smartphone out there. The "weird" button layout works for us, and it's paired with some smart touch functions that are well thought out. The phone looks and feels great, and just works as a smartphone should.


D802 4.7 5 14 15
G2 Failed to amuse me !!! no standard IR api - third party IR software cant find IR blaster sensor... internet voice call problem - problem with viber - skype - line - hangout and all other voice call apps... dark front camera in video call apps (not camera apps) bunch of bloatware (useless apps) like slide aside .existed in original android.... 31 August 2014
Great phone w/good Features but UGLY UI Other than the extremely ugly UI, (especially the notification bar, settings menu) its a great powerful phone that is more than capable of meeting most people's need. Awesome display and camera. Like the headset jack on the bottom and now I prefer the buttons on the back.Would still recommend the phone. Just wished the UI wasn't so dang ugly. Good thing there are 3rd party launchers and the option to root/rom the device. 27 June 2014
Best phone of 2013/2014 I have had HTC phones for the last 5 years. But none of them compare to the LG G2. Samsungs S4 can not compete with the G2 neither can Iphones. Family and friends all have Samsung and Iphones and they are all envious of my G2. The design is sleek and smart looking, even though it is large due to the design it feels sleek and slim and very lightweight. Battery life is amazing, I am a heavy user and I like to use Wifi so finding a phone that will last 16+ hours with wifi on and using lots of apps is a dream. I can comfortably get through a whole 24hours on one charge and have some juice to spare. Whereas the same can not be said for other phones that are out. I love how nearly everything is customisable and so easy to use. After 2 days I was familiar with all the functions and found it easy to use. I love the buttons at the back, I am a lady with small hands and find the back buttons make much more sense, my fingers do naturally sit there and I can turn the device on and off, and adjust volume with one hand. Whereas before on other phones I needed to use two hands. Buttons are very responsive and do not require great pressure. Smooth running operating system that can handle loads. One negative is the 16Gb is too small for such a powerful phone minimum 32Gb is needed. So LG please sort this out or add a micro SD port. I have the 16GB and only have 4Gb free to use only after 2 weeks of owning the phone. A little disappointed with that. But Will just have to delete a few apps. Can not wait to see what else LG has in store, a G3 with better memory and battery life would b amazing. I think however the LG G2 will remain current and useful for another 2/3 years. Very happy with my upgrade from 02 with the free quick view cover and 5gb and ulimited text/calls for £27.60 a month. 12 April 2014
Excellent Product from LG Phone is excellent in terms of hardware and UI. I have used Samsung galaxy before but I like LG UI (simple and best). It has provided dozens of configuration for changes, if you are interested. Same night I updated with android 4.4.2 KitKat, over air. It took less than 10 minutes (30 Mbps line). Review has warned about rear button but I love because it’s easy operate for volume up-down and same can be used for photo shoot. I don’t use power as tap-tap works well. Well done LG. GPS is excellent, I was able to lock in seconds inside public bus (middle row). Call clarity is excellent and signal reception is fantastic. Wifi speed is great as well. I am not great photo shooter but I feel it’s fast and good quality. I uses Ubuntu in my laptop and sink these photos with in multiple devices using “Ubuntu One” sync. This avoids USB usage. Battery is great. It came with full charge, which went 24 hours with multiple application installation, upgrade, configuration and constant usage. Next charge went beyond 30 hours with moderate usage. Only problem I have with IR booster, may be my Blaupunkt TV doesn’t support. Need to find more. Only bit I am worried is its memory usage. Even with 2GB RAM I can find only 20% free most of time. Not sure who is consuming it. I don’t have much application installed. Over all I love LG G2. 03 April 2014
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