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Same Great View, Stylish and Compact

LG Optimus L3

LG Optimus L3 E400

  • Leading Edge Square Shape & Sensuously Slim
  • Harmonized Design Contrast
  • Compact for Perfect Palm Fit


E400 4.5 5 35 36
A tough machine for simple tasks. I´ve been using this smartphone since 2012. It is robust, reliable, and with good stamina, and looks good. Frankly, for a first time smartphone, I can´t complain about it, as it delivers the most basic functions in its price range without much fuss. Althought it is outclassed in performance by newer products, it runs along, just fine (if you do know how to fine-tune software in Android.) LG does make reliable hardware, and I expect to be interested in their newer offerings if such needs arise. Pros: Small, tough as a brick, the screen is strong enough to handle direct impacts, and it has very good battery runtimes.It has FM radio. The MicroSD card slot is welcome. Cons: Only a weak rear camera, very small internal storage and low visibility of the screen in the sun. Also can´t handle heavy software (like complex 3d games). Tip: Due to its rugged nature, it can be a good replacement smartphone for using it in the country, sports or for road warriors who don´t care much for high specs, just getting mail or messages on time, without having to look frantically for an outlet in the middle of nowhere. Just don´t expect it to do miracles with its frugal innards, or you would end frustrated. Overall, enough value for simple tasks, and good durability. 31 May 2014
Incomparable , Indescribable , Unique Incomparable , Indescribable Work And Effort , Unique 25 May 2014
SMALL COMPACT BUT TERRIBLE CAMERA IT was great to begin with, brilliant prize and has Wi-Fi capability, so I truth very good for a first phone but for a phone you will use a lot not very good. 21 October 2013
excellent android phone got this in the sale really like lg phones have had others in the past which have had a similar spec to this but like how any downloaded apps are kept seperate from the pre-loaded stuff not really used the camera yet but all in all a great purchase 02 July 2013
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