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The first Android phone, 5-line QWERTY keypad


  • Android phone
  • Social Networking Manager (Linkbook™)
  • Instant Messenger and threaded SMS
  • Auto Face-Tagging and Face-To-Action


GW620 4 5 3 3
perfect for a first phone perfect phone for people who have trouble typing on a screen of a mobile very easy to use, great quality and its easily fitted in any big/small bag, very hard wearing and don't easily break if dropped 27 January 2013
Best phone yet, This phone is amazing, roaming and internet very easy to turn off, it has a light sensor 5 Mg camera with LED flash slide out qwerty keyboard Amazing phone! 03 November 2012
It's a pretty good phone, overall. The lg gw620 is a simple yet awesome phone to have. I love the design, and its features work really well. It's a bit thick and heavier than most phones, but that means it's really sturdy. I've dropped my phone accidentally at least ten times, and it never broke :D The only complaint I have is that there is no calibration setting, so even if the calibration is wrong on my phone (which it is), I can't change it. Also, it's a bit slow ): 19 March 2012
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