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LG Optimus L7 P700

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P700 4.3 5 11 11
My Favourite! This phone is the best phone I have ever had. Amazing battery life and performance is more than expected for a phone of this range. My LG 7 has only 512MB RAM and single core 1 Ghz speed and about 3GB memory.... but its wonderful!! Its almost 2 years now and its still working great, no lag, no battery problems, no scratches... it has even fallen from my hand thrice, still it rocks!!!! I have used HTC, and Nokia smartphones before this. My Hubby has an S3 and my bro has an iPhone...but for me LG7 is the star. Of course S3 and iPhone are faster, better, but you have to pay so much for it, and yet these phones fail you at times. In case LG7 shows you low battery say 10%, switch of mobile data and brightness, and it will stay with you for hours and hours and hours!! Love my phone! It is more worth than the money you pay for!! 07 May 2014
ITS REALY GOOD DEVICE ! I am using this device , for 3 weaks now , and i didnt have any problems at all. display is preety nice , clear , and fast responsive. casing is well made and wery nice to look at. for me .. is one of best devices i bought recently. would recomend to all Android users 24 April 2013
This smartphone is realy good I have this phone for a couple of weeks, and i must say that I'm impressed with the quality and features. I have experience with 3 other LG smartphones, and all of it were excellent. The battery life is good, but you should just instal good application for battery saving. The display quality is very good. This phone just worth for the money :) My next smartphone definitely will be LG. 01 April 2013
Easy to use & performs well This is my first android phone and I'm impressed so far. I love the screen quality, the apps and the ease of use. The camera is good quality too. I agree with other reviewers about the battery life, but, it's on a par with my husbands iPhone so I think that it's typical of smartphones in general. The only disappointment I have had is, believe it or not, the lack of autocorrect/ spellcheck! I write a lot in 2 languages and really miss this feature. 06 March 2013
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