Powerful new Quad-Core Smartphone by LG

LG Optimus 4X HD P880

  • 4.7" True HD IPS
  • 1.5Ghz Quad-Core Processor
  • 2150mAh Long Lasting Battery
  • 8MP Smart Camera
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD
Optimus 4X HD

Review By: Stuff

Sep 14. 2012

“A beautiful screen, quad core power and quirky UI tweaks set this Android apart from the rest of the pack”

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Trusted Review Recommended

Review By: Niall Magennis

Sep 06. 2012

“Overall, the LG Optimus 4X HD is a very impressive phone. It's slim and light, has an excellent HD screen with super fast performance.”

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Review By: Dave Oliver

Jun 22. 2012

“Overall, it's a fine, state-of-the-art handset at a reasonable price”

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Tech Radar - Phone

Review By: Phil Lavelle

Jun 16. 2012

“The design of the Optimus 4X HD is spot on and LG has clearly worked hard to make the interface nice and customizable”

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Review By: Hunter Skipworth

Feb 27. 2012

“LG really has put together an incredible piece of hardware with the 4X”

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P880 4.3 5 7 7
Durable, great value for money, the best LG phone Like another user on here - AMB - I bought the Optimus 4x in Nov and the Nexus 4 was launched soon afterwards. I like having the removable battery and removable memory options. I also like LG products too having the Optimus 2x and an LG monitor also. But I'm here to talk about the 4x and having it a number of months and seeing peoples IPhone 5s, Galaxy S3s, Nexus 4s and the upcoming Galaxy S4.....I still wouldnt swap or change. Why? and whats so good about it? It's a rare and powerful beast and it feels good having something different than anyone else. Its been dropped (oops) a few times with a case on and its unmarked. That 720HD screen once you watch videos on there you'll know why. The NVidia Tegra 3 its a powerful Quad Core device, run a Quadrant test and you'll see why. Removable battery and memory...no explanation needed. And this is another very big plus the price. When its' rival cost significantly extra bar the Nexus 4 you cant help but feel a litle smug. Sharing and streaming over Wi-Fi, I have hi-jacked my uncles TV using this feature. Now its not the perfect phone....but what is The Camera - Takes good pictures but I feel the flash can be too bright at times and takes its' time to focus. Android - ICS is good but after seeing Jelly Bean in action the 4x NEEDs it. This is a Flagship device and LG cannot make the same mistake with this as they did with the 2x. The battery - its big but also if you plan to use the phone heavily then be prepared for a daily charge at least. Sound - Headphones it's fine but using the speaker it not the best of experiences. Best at just lower than full volume. In summary the minor V10H update helped things along and I would recommend people buy this handset rather than paying the extra for rivals although Jelly Bean would so make the experience better plus after the L9 has received it I'm waiting for the 4x's turn. But I will say this LG really needs to support this fantastic handset a little better and unlock the bootlader so developers can too. 30 March 2013
Value for the dollar invested This is a good good smartphone at the current pricepoint. Basic functions are good. However fails in some departments like skype video call. My take is that the phone gets heated when high processing power is expected. The phone needs a jelly bean 4.1.2 update. The phone will be a success with update and resolves all heat related issues. 08 February 2013
Great smartphone with great potential This Smartphone is the best smartphonei ever had! It runs smooth and fast and everything works fine without bugs. The style is simple but noble :) The hardware is perfect, but the software updates are rare. It's still on 4.0.3. But i am looking forward to the update in the first quarter of 2013. It will be Jellybean with an unlocked Bootlader! The phone has great potential for custom roms and kernels. I can recommend this phone to everyone! 31 January 2013
Great Smartphone It looks great - is super fast with a large screen and lots of pre loaded useful apps - I particularly like the weather on the front screen - the battery life is great especially compare to my previous smartphone ( a Samsung). If there is a downside its only that its too big for the standard phone cases available in shops! 31 January 2013
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