Amazing picture quality and energy savings

LG LED Monitor EN43VQ Series


SIZE21.5   23   23.6   27
  • Full HD
  • 2ms Response Time
  • Dual Smart Solution
  • Super Energy Saving



Full HDicon

FULL HD resolution brings you magnificent picture quality through outstanding colour accuracy, visual contrast and sharpness.


Brilliant LED Backlighting display delivers crystal-clear images, true blacks and the most vivid, life-like colours on a slim screen

2ms response time

The ultra-fast response time of 2ms reproduces crisp pictures without transient phenomena. You can play speed games and watch action movies that have fast motion and action without ghosting or shaky image.

Dual Smart Solution

To make multi-tasking a breeze, the Dual Smart Solutions allows the simple set up of:
- A Dual Monitor by just one click
- A Dual Taskbar on each monitor
- Auto-optimized Dual Web

Wall Mount

Try mounting your monitor according to your interior situations and take advantage of the space saving effect.

SUPER Energy Saving

This LG Monitor uses a SUPER Energy Saving mode which saves an additional 25% energy than conventional LED monitors. It does this by ensuring you get the best picture quality without image loss.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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