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LG IPS Personal Smart TV MS53


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Excellent unit - good price... feature-rich This gem of a device gives me everything that I want from a television and more. It is easy to use, intuitive, responsive and definitely value for money! 07 January 2014
What I've been looking for This is a great smart TV with a lot of features. 2 ports 2 HDMI ports. Built in wifi (although you can go hard wired if you like) the picture quality is excellent. Has all sorts of safety features that you would expect. I've read a couple of reviews about the sound. I live in a two up two down and had the volume on 75/100 and could hear it from the the kitchen at the back of the house from the bedroom at the front. I've watched two movies on it so far to judge the colour and sound (UP & Iron Man) I am very impressed with the colours and sound. It comes with apps preinstalled such as I player, Netflix, YouTube, now TV etc you can also FF & RW etc from the remote. You can also install apps yourself and surf the internet although as you expect with surfing the internet on TV it feels a bit clunky. There us a port for you to put your TV aeriel and sat cable. THERE ARE PRE SCREWED HOLES at the back of the TV which means you can hang it on the wall but the TV stand you get is nice. It comes DIVX certified. I have played .mp4 .mp3 .avi .JPEGs all great quality through the USB port. I have also synced up my tablet and laptop to the TV so I can access all my media on them and stream them through the TV. Set up is ABC easy. There are other great things I could say about this TV but I'm sure you would find these out for yourself. I just wanted to add the main points. If I had one critisim it would be the positioning of the USB port which is at the back in the middle of the TV (where all the connection ports are) THEREFORE IF THIS IS HUNG ON the wall then it would prove difficult to access the port. One more thing I do not know if this is a 3D TV ALTHOUGH THE SYMBOL is displayed when turning the TV on or off. 22 November 2013
Overall very good value, features and quality Picture bright and detailed, wide viewing angle, online features work well with built in WiFi making internet connection easy. Android apps allow remote control from you phone, and automatic upload to LG cloud services that can then be accessed from the TV, eg take a picture when you are away from home, and your family can see the pictures on-line through the TV before you return. Picture quality is excellent, and software is stable and easy to use. YouTube internet browser etc all seem to work ok. There are a few minor niggles: The built in iPlayer app does not work, but you can access iPlayer through the internet browser so I assume there is an issue with the TV firmware and not my Internet connection. I have not been able to get the recorder to function despite using a range of USB memory devices and formats, neither can I find anything on LG website to help, this is the most disappointing aspect of this TV. Recommend downloading the Android remote control app as this makes using the smart application 500% easier than trying to use the remote control. I made the mistake of purchasing a Logik TV for £50 less, it was so bad I took it back and paid the extra £50 for this LG, the difference was simply astounding. 06 July 2013
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