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Substance Never Looked So Stylish

Multi-split Air Conditioner with Mirror Finish (2.1 kW Cooling, 2.3 kW Heating)


  • DC Inverter
  • Wide Range of Unit Combinations
  • Energy Saving
  • Advanced Controls
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DC Inverter

Our world-recognized designs are sure to get your attention. This innovative, energy-efficient feature automatically adjusts the unit to low power to maintain room temperature rather than require the compressor to repeatedly start and stop.

Wide Range of Unit Combinations

LG offers the flexibility to combine up to 12 different types of indoor units, and 15 varied-capacity outdoor units. We also have a wide range of heating and cooling options for any environment.

Energy Saving

LG air conditioners are designed to achieve the highest energy-efficiency ratings possible. Save up to 44% more energy than standard air conditioners with fixed-speed compressors.

Advanced Controls

Various controllers include: remote, central, and even control via Internet connection.


Easy and efficient installation of outdoor units provides an ideal solution for small offices and shops. Perform service in just three simple steps. Comes equipped with an inner SVC valve, convenient moving handle, and a compact design.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

The LG multi-split system is an advanced air conditioner of superior quality and award-winning design that has the ability to operate at different temperatures and fan speeds, in different rooms.

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