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Cool Down

MULTI V™ Floor-Standing Air Conditioner with Case (2.2 kW Cooling, 2.5 kW Heating)


  • Healthy Dehumidification
  • Hot-Start Function
  • Weekly Program
  • Auto-Changeover
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Healthy Dehumidification

Dehumidification mode accurately senses the room's temperature and controls humidity without overcooling. Increasing the vane angle prevents overcooling.

Hot-Start Function

The indoor fan starts only after the indoor unit's pipe temperature reaches a preset value (28°C), preventing an unwanted release of cold air during startup. When indoor unit pipe temperature reaches 28°C, the indoor fan runs at a low speed for one minute before reaching the setting speed.

Weekly Program

Enables user to pre-program on/off function for a period of one week. The user can also run a self-diagnosis and set the room temperature for the weekly programme.


Automatically switches to cooling- or heating- mode to maintain the optimum room temperature during season changes.

Group Control

This ingenious feature from LG facilitates control of several units via a single device. Each indoor unit is linked with a connecting line that enables commutation, letting you control up to sixteen indoor units with a single control device.

Two Thermistor Control

Two thermistor controls provide options for setting the desired temperature by referring to both of the two set temperatures. One thermistor is the indoor unit. and the other is displayed on the wired remote.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Come home to the comfort of an LG MULTI V™ indoor floor-standing air conditioner. With weekly programming function, and heat and cool options, this is one excellent home unit.

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