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Take Control Of Your Ever-Growing Library Of Data

LG N4B2 Network Storage with 4 hard disk drive bays and Blu-ray Disc Re-writer


  • Dynamic Domain Name System
  • Built in Blu-ray Rewriter
  • OS Compatibility
  • iTunes Server
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Dynamic Domain Name System

The Dynamic Domain Name System allows you to easily find and access your data no matter where you are, providing a more convenient and efficient way of transferring information.

Built in Blu-ray Rewriter

LG Network Storage enables users to store and manage data up to 25~50GB.

OS Compatibility

LG Network Storage is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac-based computers and networks.

iTunes Server

LG Network Storage allows users to play music files through iTunes.

Network Printer

A USB printer connected to the LG Network Storage can be used as a network printer.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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