Eco friendly City Lighting, LG LED Street Lighting

Street Lighting 30W


  • Example of application of Street Lighting
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Energy saving
  • Eco-friendly

Street Lighting 30W

Example of application of Street Ligint

The stylish designed LG LED Street Lighting has a modern, compact aluminum housing made from recycled material that produces a pleasant white light. Costs are reduced thanks to simple installation and energy savings, which also help to reduce the installation's carbon footprint.

Easy Installation and maintenance

The modular design of the product, makes installation and maintenance easy. In terms of product maintenance, the module inside the LG LED Street Lighting product can be simply replaced without the need to change the entire fixture. The one touch open cover of the module also allows quick and safe replacement. This reduces the risk for maintenance workers.

Energy saving

An economical, energy efficient light source with excellent lumen maintanance. It boasts a short payback period due to its low maintainance cost.


Eco-friendly light source containing no mercury or fluorescent material. It emits very little ultraviolet rays. It is ideal for creating a pleasant environment.

Photometric Data

Ideal for wide open space

LG LED's light provides excellent visibility at night, whether it is for driving or walking. It allows the human eye to better recognise shapes, colours, and motion in the dark; this can reduce visual fatigue when driving for long periods at night.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Glare-free light source that creates a pleasant environment that is ideal for outdoor spaces such as parks.

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