Eco-friendly light source that most closely resembles natural sunlight

Sports Lighting 700W


  • Application of sports lighting
  • Sports Lighting similar to sunlight
  • Ideal for wide open space
  • Efficient and economical

Sports Lighting 700W

This product is an ideal light source for wide indoor space with high ceilings such as factories, gym or warehouses. It is efficient , has excellent color rendition, and it’s light output is consistent even in wide open space.

Application of sports lighting

Ideal light source that can be used in wide variety of spaces, such as factories, gym, or warehouses.

Sports Lighting similar to sunlight

The Sulfur Plasma generates full and continuous spectrum which efficeintly reproduces original colors, and is the closest artificial alternative to the natural sunlight. ※ Sun light Ra=100, the higher, the better color rendition. (Ra > 70 is outstanding)


Full-spectrum light emulates natural sunlight, providing good vision under low light conditions. It helps human eyes to better recognize shape, color, and motion in the dark; thereby reducing vision fatigue and the perceived difference between photopic and scotopic visions.

Efficient and economical

Highly economic light source that has superb lumen maintanance rate and high energy efficiency. It boasts short payback period due to its low maintainance cost.

Long lifespan

Efficient and economic light source with long lifespan and good lumen maintenance rate

※ Amount of hydrargyrum in the existing products : Metal Halide Lamp(100-105), Fluorescent Lamp(10-20), PLS(0)


Eco-friendly light source that's harmless to the human body and the environment. It contains no hydrargyrum, lead, electrode or florescent material; and releases very little ultraviolet rays. It is ideal for creating a comfortable, hazard-free environment.

※ Amount of hydrargyrum in the existing product : Metal Halide Lamp(100-105), Fluorescent Lamp(10-20), PLS(0)


Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Efficient, eco-friendly light source with excellent color rendition. It closely emulates natural sunlight to provide maximum comfort for the human eye, and is ideal for wide spaces.

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