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Smart Hi Fi Audio

The LG Music Flow Smart Hi-Fi Audio lets the music flow from your headphones into every corner of your home – effortlessly and seamlessly. Learn More

Seamless flow: Instantly and simply sync devices and speakers as soon as you get home, so the music in your headphones can flow right through the house – turning it into a wireless sound system. As you move from room to room, simply tag and sync your speakers for uninterrupted multi-room audio.

Build it up: Start with a single speaker, and build up your home ecosystem as you go, adding more units for a greater wireless music system reach and listening options.

Tailored multi-room: Play the same music across your whole home for a full multi-room audio system effect. Or, set speakers in various rooms to play different music at your command.

Home cinema: Add a multi-room soundbar and synchronise with your speakers for an immersive cinema experience only the best wireless surround sound systems can provide. And set different speakers for L/R stereo sound – letting you customise the sound experience for more intense listening.

Stable network: Matching a mesh network with dual band Wi-Fi, Music Flow ensures a seamless network that never misses a beat.

HD play: Play from any music source – even large capacity 24 bit/192 kHz HD music files – without sound ever dropping.

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