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LG Gflex 2

Boldly contoured. Impressively tough. Exceptionally capable. However you look at it, the new LG G Flex 2 is a departure from convention.

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Inspired by you.

You look for new technology that does not complicate,
but simplifies your life.
The LG G3 makes it all possible.

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LG smartphones combine cutting edge designs with a simple operating system. They look great, work brilliantly, and they’re just what you need to unlock a new dimension in smartphone connectivity. Learn More

Crystal-clear visuals, superbly built handsets, and intuitive controls that put you front and centre – it’s what you’ve come to expect from cutting edge Android™ mobile phones. And these are a given for any LG smartphone – our range of Android™ phones includes some of the most advanced mobile devices you’ll find today.

Capture every important experience with the LG G4 Android™ phone. Create memories that last a lifetime with the flawless lens and colour spectrum sensor; enjoy the unique elegance and style of the G4’s premium back with genuine stitched leather, ceramic or metal, and its slim arc design.

If you’ve been searching through all the smartphones on the market for the best blend of tech and accessibility, try the perfectly balanced Nexus 5X. Or want to adopt a bold contour for a revolutionary feel? The G Flex 2 is the handset you’ve been waiting for.

And LG smartphones have so much more to offer, from sharp front-facing cameras for smooth video calling, to innovative gesture UI for quick access to all your favourite features. LG smartphones also highlight IPS, quad HD screens, and NOVA display technology – which work together for better readability with natural-looking colours, and revolutionary low energy consumption.

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