LG Smart TV: The Ultimate Entertainment Package

A World of Entertainment at your Fingertips

Live TV


You've made a Smart Choice

The award winning LG Smart TV with Freeview Play* puts you in control of the entertainment on offer. Enjoy your favourite channels and catch up TV services, with no monthly cost. The Smarter way of watching live TV and on demand services, with no additional devices required - all while offering options to cut bills and clutter.

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award winning

Award winning

The award winning LG Smart TV with Freeview Play* puts you in control of all the entertainment you want. Enjoy your favourite channels and catch up TV services, with no monthly subscription. It’s the smarter way of watching live TV and on demand services. You need no other devices– and LG Smart TV can help you cut bills, as well as clutter.

“The entire interface is highly intuitive, combining simplicity and elegant graphic design with a slick and fast system architecture.”

AV Forums, July 2015

“This is the future of telly; other manufacturers had better be watching.”

T3, July 2014

A Smarter Alternative

No strings attached

Cost saving

No installation fee

Less clutter


Your LG Smart TV is the smarter way to access entertainment, on your terms, with no hassle. It comes with everything you need built-in, via TV apps and LG webos. So you can get involved with the latest shows, enjoy all your favourite TV, and catch up on the programmes you missed through Freeview Play.*

All this entertainment at your fingertips – and most of it free.

Still want more?

On top of free entertainment add TV box sets from Netflix and Amazon Video or the latest pay-as-you-go blockbuster movies from Google Play and TalkTalk TV. And if you want the latest games live on Sky Sports, get daily, weekly or monthly passes on NOW TV.

Forget costly entertainment bundles with annual contracts, when you can get flexible, monthly or pay-as-you-go access to entertainment. Take control of what you watch - and your costs too.

The icing on the cake?

We’ll save you both money and mess, with no additional devices, wires, remotes or installation required.

This is the Ultimate Entertainment Package.

The set up


Carefully remove your television from its box and find the perfect position for it.


Plug in, power up, turn on your television and connect it to the internet using wifi or directly. Then cute little Beanbird can guide you through the simple set up process. To check that your TV is running its latest web os software – known as LG web os - use the Settings menu.


You’re good to go. You’ll even find your Smart TV comes with a launcher bar to customise your start-up settings and an array of TV apps out of the box. Welcome to the Ultimate Entertainment Package.

Launcher Bar

Launcher bar

The LG Smart TV lives up to its name – with a host of smart new features that let you get more from your viewing. One of these is the Launcher bar, which is part of the LG webos – so you can specify which TV apps should launch automatically when you switch on.

my content

My Content

There’s always something to watch with recommended Movies and TV shows. Simply by clicking My Content, you can see recommended Movies and TV shows available through apps on LG Smart TV and you can bookmark your favourites from your search result. This makes your viewing experience easier and simpler

Magic Remote

More smarts with the intuitive
Magic Remote – that lets you point,
scroll, gesture or even yell at
your LG Smart TV to control it.
Power never felt so good.

*Magic Remote included on selected models.

my content

Which Smart are you?

Whether you're a family, couple or single, LG's award winning Smart TV has a winning combination of catch-up TV and on demand entertainment services you’re sure to love.

The Smith family

How they watched TV before: They watch TV through a set-top box and subscribe to a basic entertainment bundle

Lifestyle: They need a variety of entertainment suitable for adults and kids.

How they use LG Smart TV: They love saving money as the Smart TV is contract free and that the living room is less cluttered with no additional devices. They watch the latest TV shows from Amazon Video. The kids enjoy watching the latest trending videos on Youtube.

Emily and Jack

How they watched TV before: They watch Freeview TV channels live

Lifestyle: Have busy social lives, so don’t want to pay for TV they don’t watch

How they use LG Smart TV: They watch Freeview Play on their LG Smart TV and can watch their favourite programs on catch up when out socialising. They like having access to other free entertainment services, with the option of watching the latest Hollywood movies PAYG from Google Play Movies


How he watched TV before: He subscribes to a Sports bundle and watches his favourite team play football every week.

Lifestyle: Enjoys owning the latest technology, an OLED TV and watching live sports

How he uses LG Smart TV: He watches the latest UHD TV shows on Netflix and enjoys watching sports PAYG on NOW TV.


Catch up TV


Sports Mad




Blanket Days and Box Sets


Fun for all the family



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Irish Catch-up

Service of the Month

  • FoodandFilm


No more small screens – foodnfilm offers takeaways delivered in full HD. Signup now for free to start using the app on your LG TV and get great food and movies on demand.

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  • Google Play Movies&TV

Google Play

Buy or rent the newest movies and shows - plus all your favourites, way before they hit DVD.

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Enjoy catch up TV and on demand programmes from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 sitting alongside over 60 TV channels and 12 HD channels. Simply scroll backwards through your TV guide to watch shows you missed from the last 7 days*, with no monthly cost.

“95% of the nation’s favourite programmes are available on Freeview”

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*Subject to coverage. Aerial upgrade may be required. Minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps required to watch catch up and on demand. 7-day catch up on selected channels only. Additional services including scroll back TV guide available later in 2016. Software update maybe required.


Enjoy BBC iPlayer exclusives and your favourite BBC programmes from the last 30 days


Welcome to the ITV Hub, the telly-tastic home of all our ITV channels on demand. Offering box sets, your favourite series so far and 30 whole days to catch up on all your top shows. Better still, you can be first to sneak a peek at new shows as premieres. So for Corrie, comedy and sport lovers, Britain’s Got Talent, drama and documentary fans, whatever you fancy - we’ve got it all!


Watch your favourite Channel 4, E4, and More4 shows live or on demand, including 100s of free box sets and a whole bunch of original online shows.


Watch full episodes of your favourite Channel 5 programmes when it suits you, on Demand 5.

Rest of the family

As well as the big boys, you can enjoy entertainment from other channels, including

Enjoy Ultra HD 4K Entertainment

Scaling new heights of resolution, Ultra HD 4K gives you 4 times the amount of detail than Full HD for a more clear and vivid picture. Enjoy a growing library of titles from the likes of Netflix and Amazon video directly through Smart TV.



Watch Movies and TV shows in Ultra HD 4K

LG 4K TV, Netflix Recommended TV

Live TV

Watch these titles now on Netflix

Live TV

LG 4K TV is a Netflix Recommended TV, which means you’re getting the best experience for Netflix.

Netflix Recommended TV is an evaluation programme that recognises TVs that offer better performance, easier TV app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV. See netflix.com/recommendedtv for a complete list of models

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What is a Netflix Recommended TV?

Netflix Recommended TV is an evaluation program recognizing TVs that offer better performance, easier app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV.

LG TVs have met the following criteria :

TV instant on

Your TV wakes and apps are ready to use right away.

TV resume

If you were using Netflix when you turned the TV off, it will return to Netflix when turned on again.

Latest Netflix Version

Your TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with the newest features.

Easy Netflix icon access

Netflix is prominent and easy to access on your TV.

Fast app launch

Start Netflix quickly after you turn on your TV.

Netflix streaming membership required. Ultra HD availability subject to subscription plan, Internet service, device capabilities, and content availability. www.netflix.com/TermsOfUse

Bringing you next generation HDR

High Dynamic Range represents the next generation in picture quality. Taking picture quality to new levels by adding brightness, colour and contrast delivers the most life like picture yet seen. You can enjoy striking HDR content directly through Smart TV with Amazon video. Even better, LG have teamed up with Hollywood HDR experts Dolby Vision to bring a new standard HDR picture which can be found on LG’s OLED & SUPER UHD range.

Watch Movies and TV shows in HDR

**Ultra HD 4K and HDR content availability subject to subscription and device capability. *Ultra HD Alliance Premium certification is applicable on OLED TV range *Dolby Vision is applicable on LG SUPER UHD TV & OLED TV range*Minimum Internet speeds applicable *Software update may be required

* Services are subject to availability, may require subscription and could vary across products and platforms. Internet connection required.