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Universal Cooling Solutions

Universal Cassette Air Conditioner (12.5 kW Cooling, 14.0 kW Heating)


  • DC Inverter
  • 4-Vane Independent Operation
  • Wide Jet Air Flow
  • Auto-Changeover
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DC Inverter

Our world-recognized designs are sure to get your attention. This innovative, energy-efficient feature automatically adjusts the unit to low power to maintain room temperature rather than require the compressor to repeatedly start and stop.

4-Vane Independent Operation

Vane angle control provides direct or indirect wind, and reduces cold air draft.

Wide Jet Air Flow

Improved wide vanes provide better, more comfortable air- and temperature-distribution, eliminating dead airflow to maintain even air flow consistency in your room.


Automatically switches to cooling- or heating- mode to maintain the optimum room temperature during season changes.

Application of a High-Efficiency Compact Turbo Fan

The compact turbo fan minimises the size of the interior device. It also optimises airflow and interior temperature distribution to create a quiet, pleasant environment.

One-Touch Panel Fitting Method

A simple push-up panel connects easily to the body, for easy installation, allowing the installer to keep both hands free.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Equipped with a three-phase DC inverter, this LG indoor universal ceiling cassette is capable of evenly cooling or heating a multitude of commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms.

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