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1 Commercial > Commercial Display Operation NO SIGNAL,BLACK SCREEN,NO IMAGE 24/12/2014
2 Commercial > Hotel TV Troubleshooting BBC iPlayer application not available on the LG APPS list 07/10/2014
3 Commercial > Hotel TV Troubleshooting Simplink (Simple Link) and the multi remote control function work intermittently when the TV is connected to other devices, why? 07/10/2014
4 Commercial > Hotel TV Troubleshooting My LG TV keeps Powering Off when I connect to the internet, what could be the problem? 07/10/2014
5 Commercial > Hotel TV Operation There is a synchronisation problem with the sound and the picture when viewing an HD Channel (PS3 HD; Freesat HD; Sky HD set top boxes), what could be the problem? 07/10/2014

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