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 Here you will find FAQs for your LG account, and LG.com in general.


We also have the following step by step guides should you require any assistance:





 Why can’t I find my model number/why isn’t my model number listed on your website?



 There are several occurrences where you will need your model number on our site - for example, product registration.


If you're unable to find reference to your model number either via the search function, or within the listed models in the drop down menus, then the below may be able to help.


Firstly, we would ask you to double check the below:


  • Is your product a UK model? As you are currently browsing the UK website, you will only find reference to UK products. Each country has its own support for its LG models, please direct yourself to www.lg.com and select the relevant region.
  • Have you checked if your phone is listed with the prefix of LG? Occasionally mobile phone models will be listed with 'LG' as a prefix to the model number (e.g. a P500 could be listed as LGP500.)
  •  Is your TV Screen under 32"? If so, this is categorised as a TV Monitor (and your model should be found listed under Computer Products > Monitors > TV Monitors]
  • Are you definitely searching by model number? This differs from the model name. This is particularly relevant to mobile phones! Please click on the ‘Find my model & serial number’ help links located near the search boxes. For example, you can find one on the support home page (http://lg.com/uk/support) underneath the ‘Type Model number of Keyword’ search box.

If you are registering a mobile phone, please visit: http://lg.com/uk/support/solutions/mobile/model-numbers to find a list of model numbers for our mobile phones.

 If you have reviewed all the troubleshooting, and you still cannot find your model number, please do get in contact so we can ensure this is resolved as soon as possible. Click here to email us 
(please select type of enquiry as 'others' in the dropdown options to bypass the requirement of providing a model number for your query.)


 Why can’t I find details on your repair providers?

As you may have noticed LG UK do not provide a list of local repair providers. This is because LG work a little bit differently. In order to ensure the repair you receive is as simple and efficient as possible, we arrange the repair for you. So rather than having to contact any repairers yourself, LG do this on your behalf. Simple!


All you need to do is either request a repair online here or contact our customer services here, and they will arrange your repair, ensuring they take down all relevant details. 


If possible, try to ensure you have all your details to hand; including model number, serial number and proof of purchase.




  • Why can’t I track my repair?

  • Repair tracking for LG is currently undergoing a reformation to ensure it’s as useful as it can be! We’re sorry for any inconvenience it may cause, but in the meantime our customer service will be happy to respond to queries about its progress. Click here to send them an email, or chat to them in real time if you're within the working hours.


    Where can I find out more about the LG 5 Year Warranty Promotion?

    You can find out more about our 5 year warranty promotion by clicking here

    If you want to find information about standard warranties, click here 



    • I’ve registered my LG product, which is eligible for a promotional 5 year warranty. Why is it only showing a 2 year warranty in my LG account?



    As this is a special promotion, and not the standard warranty length, when you register the product it may still display the standard warranty term of 24 months within your account (rather than the correct term of 5 years.) We sincerely apologise for any confusion this may cause, however please rest assured that once you have received written confirmation of your extended warranty it has been successfully registered for your product, even if your LG account still states 24 months.

    If you would like to find out more about the 5 year warranty promotion, please click here



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