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1 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting My LG washing machine is making a loud noise when the drum spins, what could be the issue? 07/10/2014
2 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting Why does my LG washing machine take a while to start at the beginning of a wash? 25/09/2014
3 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting I seem to be getting a random noise from my LG washing machine during use, what could this be? 07/10/2014
4 Appliances > Washing Machines Troubleshooting What to do when your Washing Machine displays 'PF Error' 07/10/2014
5 Appliances > Dishwashers Troubleshooting The display is coming up with code 'CL', what does this mean? 07/10/2014

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