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LG Technology

Compared to ten years ago, buying a TV today can be a very complicated process. Televisions were simpler back then, often with few differences between
them besides screen size. Since the High Definition TV Revolution there are more TV choices and technologies available than ever before so it’s important
you make the right choice.  This glossary will help explain key technologies and for help in finding the right home entertainment package to suit your needs
visit the LG Buyers guide.


TruMotion one hundred hertz reduces blurring on fast moving scenes by displaying one hundred images per second. Standard TV sets only display fifty
images per second so more information means a better viewing experience for watching sports and movies.


LG TruMotion 200Hz uses a unique scanning backlight technology to achieve a more superior natural picture. With this feature, your LG TV virtually
eliminates motion blur and picture flicker, making it perfect for watching sport and fast action movies.


Get Ready for 3DTV with LG. 3D TV takes you closer to the action providing a completely immersive viewing experience as soon as you put on your
3D glasses. You can convert your living room to a sports stadium or movie theatre with content from 3D Blu-ray players, 3D video games and future
services from Sky.


LG 600Hz Plasma TVs provide zero motion blur and the ultimate razor sharp response time perfect for watching high speed sports and movies.


Bluetooth technology means a world without wires, where you can instantly view images or documents on your TV. With this technology, you can also
connect to mobiles, headsets, notebooks and PCs for a totally synchronised home entertainment experience.

Clear Voice

LG Clear Voice automatically enhances the clarity of human voices against background noises, making
movies and sport even more realistic. Enrich your TV entertainment experience by balancing out voice volume with dramatic background sound effects,
allowing all round viewing pleasure.


DivX HD compatibility enables downloaded online videos and films to be played back in glorious high definition by connecting to the TV USB interface.


Create a wireless home network to talk to your PC, digital camera, mobile phone and even Blu-ray player. This seamless connection to multiple WiFi-enabled
devices anywhere in your home lets you to watch online content on the big screen without any unsightly wires.

Dual XD Engine

DUAL XD Engine, LG's own technology is developed to ensure you get the best picture quality. This TV delivers amazing colour accuracy by enhancing colour
correction, contrast, sharpness and visibility in dark areas.


All LG TVs come with built-in Digital Freeview making sure you're ready for the digital switch-over. With LG TVs you'll have access to over 40 Freeview TV
and radio channels, 8 day on-screen guide and access to digital interactive services.

Freeview HD

Get Ready to watch High Definition TV for free with built in freeview HD bringing you the best of BBC, ITV and C4 in glorious high definition with no monthly
fee or contract. Freeview HD provides up to 5 times the picture quality of standard definition freeview taking you closer to the action.
*Check you can get Freeview HD where you live – just visit freeview.co.uk or text your postcode and house number or house name to 80560.

Full LED

A revolution in picture quality and stylish, ultra slim design; LG Full LED TV gives you better picture quality than Edge LED TVs with crystal-clear images,
deeper blacks and the most realistic colours available today.  LG Full LED TVs are the greenest TVs ever and are more eco-friendly than an LCD and
Plasma TV saving you money off your electricity bills.  With LGs ultra slim Infinia design, you can easily hang this stylish TV on your wall like a picture frame,
saving you space in your living room

HD Ready

High-definition television, or HDTV, is a new standard of TV with better-quality picture and sound than what you're used to. HDTV brings you closer to the
action, offering more colours and a higher resolution picture similar to what you'd see at a cinema. This can make HDTV images clearer, sharper, more detailed
and very life-like.

HD Ready 1080p / Full HD 1080p

High-definition television, or HDTV, is a new standard of TV with better-quality picture and sound than what you're used to. HDTV brings you closer to the
action, offering more colours and a higher resolution picture similar to what you'd see at a cinema. This can make HDTV images clearer, sharper, more
detailed and very life-like.

Infinia Design

The LG Infinia Range of TVs introduce some of the most advanced technologies hidden behind some of the most striking seamless designs available today.

Intelligent Sensor

LG Intelligent Sensor technology finds the ideal brightness, sharpness, colour and contrast picture setting within any environment to protect against eyestrain
and reduce power consumption up to 69%. Simply turn on intelligent sensor in the picture menu and it will do all the work for you.


Liquid crystal display (LCD) TV screens come to life when light from behind the screen is shone through the television screen's matrix of tiny coloured liquid
crystal cells. Signals control each cell, letting varying amounts of colour through, and a picture is built up.

LCD TV Best For:
General all round entertainment viewing e.g. soaps
Range of TV sizes (LG offer 19”-60”)


LED technology refers to the backlight system used in some LCD Televisions, not the technology that creates the picture.

LED TVs are still LCD TVs. It is just that these new sets use LED backlights rather than the florescent-type backlights used in most other LCD TVs.
There are two different types of LED backlight, Edge LED and Full LED.

LED TV Best For
Picture Quality – superior contrast and brightness, - perfect if your TV is going to be placed in a bright room
Design – ultra slim, perfect for wall mounting
Eco Friendly – LG LED TV saves you up to 40% on power consumption vs. LCD TVs saving you money off your electricity bills
Viewing TV in brightly lit environments (e.g. conservatories during the day)

Large screen sizes (LG offer 42” and 47”)

If you’re still confused which is right for you, visit the LG Buyer's Guide

Local Dimming

LED Spot Control known as Local Dimming on LG LED TVs maximises your viewing experience, offering true-to-life colours and contrast.
Spot Control technology adjusts the picture quality to simultaneously provide deeper blacks and brighter colours within the same picture frame to improve
the movie and sport experience.

Magic Motion

Make no more fuss around looking for small buttons on an ugly remote control. With the LG Magic Remote Control, you can control your world of
entertainment much easilt as if a magic wand is in your hand.


NetCast™ Entertainment Access brings the best of the internet directly to your TV, without the need for a computer. You can enjoy youtube,
weather forecasts as well as online photo sharing from the comfort of your living room sofa. You can access this service by connecting LG NetCast TVs to
your home network either via the built-in Ethernet port or using an optional WiFi USB dongle.


OLED TV is an eco-friendly revolution in picture quality and ultra slim design with 10,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.  It is the latest and ultimate in
TV technology and LG have the largest OLED TV for sale in the UK.  The LG 15EL9500 OLED TV produces more vivid, lifelike colours with razor sharp
response times, wider viewing angels, and significantly higher contrast ratios than any other TV technology.  LG OLED TV will dramatically enhance your
viewing experience.

Picture Wizard

The picture wizard on LG TVs allow you to easily setup the perfect picture quality to suit your needs with a series of picture control settings.


A plasma TV emits its own light unlike LCD TVs. The picture is produced by thousands of pixels filled with a mixture of phosphor and gas so that when
stimulated by electricity, creates its own light.

Plasma TVs offer superior black level and response time vs. LCD and LED TVs.

Plasma TV Best For:
Watching Sport and movies
Super Large screen sizes (LG offer 42”, 50” and 60”)


LG THX certified plasma TV takes your audio and visual television experience to a whole new level just how the movie director intended. With THX
Display Certification your home will feel just like the movie theatre with razor sharp picture quality.

Tru Black Filter

TruBlack Filter blocks glare and reflections on the TV screen to enhance and improve picture quality and contrast. This means you can enjoy a distortion
free viewing experience even in brightly lit rooms.

TruMotion 400Hz

With TruMotion 400Hz watching sports will never be the same. For watching high speed sports TruMotion will ensure that every detail of the
game is as clear as if you were there. See the action and feel the excitement through crisp and smooth 3D images.
Now, you’ll have a field-side seat for every match.


Connect your digital camera, M-P-3 player or flash memory through the U-S-B port to show off your latest holiday snaps or music collection for a true
multimedia experience.

Wireless AV

Wireless HD Technology offers the ultimate Full HD (1080p) experience anywhere in the home, without the inconvenience of wires and cables by
connecting to an optional LG Wireless HD Media Box.