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Check it will work for you I hadn't realised before purchasing that this dryer should be plumbed in. It can be used without plumbing in but there are some features you can't use if it's not. Also in the instructions it states that the dryer shouldn't be set against the wall but there should be a 5-10 cm gap from the wall. Again I wish this was something we had know ahead of ordering as because this is going under a kitchen workbench it is just not possible to have it sticking out that far. On the pro side this is a great dryer, it looks good, I love the sensor function and it's large enough for us to use as a family dryer. 22 March 2014
great machine I got the dryer today and I already love it. it has brilliant functions which all have different times which can be seen on the touchscreen it has a child lock, drum light and timer which I love. it has truesteam which you need to have the machine plumbed in for however you dont need to have that done straight away 13 March 2014
Brilliant,but confused Create solid built dryer. Slightly a bit load for what I would expect from an LG product. I did not spend to much time to look into the True steam option on this dryer and past it off as a typo because I could only find info on washing machine with this option. But it has true steam , now a very big WARNING this dryer needs a cold water feed like a washer because it uses steam,it comes with a t-pipe and every thing needed to take a feed from your washer but if your like me and most others your dryer could be no where near your washer,lucky for me that a cold water pipe was running past were my dryer is. The manual not great at all and can not understand when the true steam is in use or how or when its used,I can force steam to be used by pressing the option on the lcd panel but you can clearly hear the water being taken in on the normal drying settings. So for true steam what and how its used on this dryer I have no idea and failed to find any thing of use to read from the internet. Energy rating is more in line with a C rated dryer unless your using the quick dry. 27 November 2013
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