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Magic Motion Remote Control with browser wheel for 2012 LG Smart TVs






AN-MR300 4 5 6 6
Has potential Ok, so recently received this 'Magic Remote' and straight out of the box it looks very sleek, feels very comfy and is much sexier than the original remote I had. Setup was quick and easy (i needed to use the dongle [supplied] as my tv didnt have this built in support but no biggie, hidden behind the tv). First thing i noticed was that the cursor is limited to the edge of the screen, it doesnt track where the remote is pointing (like a wii). At first i thought the settings were off but once you get used to it, it is really convinient as you dont need to aim or anything. The is major potential to have more gestures to control things, im hoping an update will allow things like volume change and programmable gestures will come out soon. As it stands there is only previous channel and recent list...ok for now. Also, as you do lose a lot of buttons I had to edit the 'My apps' list as this is where ive found the easiest way to control everything. It would score much higher if there was a little more to it, but it is good and definitely a modern update to the usual standard point and click remote. 29 December 2012
fantastic awesome product, although if it comes with the tv it would be great. it does make the tv lfeel like a pc. 17 December 2012
Works Fine This works great to gain access to the internet, or to use as a remote for the TV, it has very handy scroll button plus you can change the on screen pointer to your preference. The only little change I would prefer personally, is to swap around the mute button with the scroll button for ease of use. But overall I am very happy with the remote 14 December 2012
Not all that I like the sleek look and feel but I hate that there are no numbers on this remote. Cable has lots of channels and trying to stroll through the channel is frustrating. This remote really takes some getting use to. 25 October 2012
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The Magic Motion Remote Control operates like a computer mouse for your LG Smart TV providing the easiest control over your entertainment. Just point, click, scroll and control. With simple movements and gestures, you can drag, flick, and select your preferences, without the hassle of using multiple buttons and arrow keys.
Compatible with all 2012 LG Smart TVs.

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