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Great TV, Slow OS (Android) Compared to my old TV it's AMAZING, but unfortunatly I only have one major problem, when I start the TV I cannot go straight into the SMART menu or any others unless I wait about a minute for it to "warm up". This is very discouraging if I want to change the Source or play a video from smart share without having to watch a bit of tv before hand. When I try to the screen blacks out sometimes you got to wait a while till it go out or you turn the TV off and on then wait. Its not very productive having to give it that moment. With samsung TVs this is unneeded. 3D is great but a gimmick none the less. Great colours! Connecting to other devices with SIMLINK is great with my AV Receiver & BD-Player! One other negative but not a big one - No ITV or 4oD player for catch up. Everything else is fantastic - the ability to watch all types of movies through the network or a storage device. Would be great for an update to fix these performance issues - I personally blame Android its still under beta in my eyes. 09 April 2014
very pleased with the t.v. very good picture easy to use looks prime part of my living room 11 March 2014
All good except can't get itv player or 4OD on it. You would think that if you are paying a good price for a good smart tv, that you would be able to get all the catch up and on demand services on it! But you can't get 4OD or itv player. A bit poor don't you think considering. Otherwise tv is excellent. But don't buy an LG Smart tv if, like me, you expect to be able to get all the catch up and on demand services. 10 March 2014
Superior quality I have always chosen Sony equipment as have found them good quality and reliable, and to date have never let me down. so to change to another make was a big step. having read the reviews I was able to make the change of make quite easily. So far I have not been disappointed and glad I made the change. This product represents good value for money and gives a lot of features for that price tag. 07 March 2014
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