• The Ultimate Picture Quality
  • CURVED Design
  • Clear Speaker
  • Crystal Stand
  • Smart TV


CURVED Designicon

The world’s first curved screen by LG, striking design, total immersion

This OLED TV screen has a subtle curve, giving it a striking look and providing a true to life viewing experience.

4 Colour Pixelicon

LG's certified 4 Colour Pixel for the most natural and realistic picture

LG’s 4 Colour Pixel adds a white sub-pixel that improves the conventional 3 colours and enhances both colour range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express the truest colours.

Clear Speaker icon

The clearest sound you'll never see

Super thin and transparent speakers offering great sound without compromising on the design.

Crystal Standicon

No distraction from the action

The Crystal Stand is designed so that the picture takes centre stage so you can enjoy what is on screen, not what surrounds it.

Infinite Contrasticon

Discover every detail even in the darkest scenes

The LG OLED TV achieves perfect contrast, thanks to its self-lighting pixels.
Images are now as real as life, with every detail and shadow revealed.

Absolute Motion Clarityicon

Enjoy completely blur-free and smooth motion

The LG OLED TV is over one thousand times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes with completely blur-free and crystal-clear images.

Perfect Viewing Angleicon

The most consistent picture from virtually any angle

Enjoy the widest viewing angles with no loss of contrast or distortion of colour with LG OLED TV, the perfect display all-round.

Smart Entertainmenticon

Our Smart platform brings together all your favourite content.

There’s catch-up TV from the likes of BBC iPlayer, as well as instant access to movies on demand via Sky Movies on NOW TV, Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Blinkbox.
You can also stream live sports via Sky Sport on NOW TV, BBC Sports and Eurosport.
There’s also access to music from Napster, plus social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.*

*Services are subject to availability and may vary across products and platforms. Due to platform upgrades some services require
modification before launching on 2013 devices.

Smart Controlicon

Simple and easy TV navigation with LG's Magic Remote for intuitive point, click and control


Browse and share files in your external storage devices on your large TV screen or watch TV on another smart device with LG Smart TV’s Smart Share™. LG introduces a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. Enjoy any content without constraint.

Comfortable 3D Glassesicon

Comfortable, flicker-free 3D glasses

Enjoy 3D in greater comfort with light, battery-free, and affordable 3D glasses.

2D to 3Dicon

Simply convert 2D to 3D

Convert any content you are watching into amazing 3D with LG's 2D-3D conversion technology

3D Worldicon

Meet a wider and ever-expanding 3D world of entertainment

Bring the big-screen 3D experience from the cinema directly to your living room with LG Smart TV 3D World. Enjoy hours of free 3D content including documentaries, sports, kids and music concerts and rent the latest 3D Disney movies exclusively with LG Smart TV

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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