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60LA620V 4.3 5 4 4
Great value for money Easy to install self explanatory easy to follow ( 64) Year old . Instructions Delivery driver very nice and helpful Telephone registration easy T.V. Great 07 March 2014
I exploring watching tv from begining.Its amazing, Quality of picture is amazing,its got so many i would say unlimited things to explore.You can spend day and night playing with yours LG. Im not beginner in technology but its my first 3d smart tv.I have spend a lot of time for searching the proper one,its not small money to spend for something useless. This tv is great,maybe its not top of the range but price as well.Its so many things to explore so i dont want to know what can do top of the range. One possible minus if i can say minus is converssion from 2d to 3d,its not real 3d its different then normal but you can see different when you watch proper 3d content.Forget about 3d cinema.Its got poor sound but if its something thin like box of matches can fitt in it proper loudspeakers. 07 January 2014
PVR schedule is vanishing/emptied !! I tried firmwares 3.0.22, 4.0.13 and 4.0.21 already: all of them are doomed !!! 1) If I am playing some prerecorded DVB-C program "A" of channel "X", while recording of another DVB-C scheduleTV program "B" on channel "Y" starts, over and over again later in time (when "A" finishes ?) I get an error saying "B has stopped" or "This program has copyrights and is not allowed to be copied" AND ALL OF FUTURE TV-SCHEDULES OF CHANNEL "Y" IS DELETED from Scheduled tasks !?!??! If I am not interfeering shile these PVRs are recorded, everything is fine, nothing stops, no schedule is deleted. It is very anoying and stupid bug, making PVR unusable !! 2) AutoTimeShift doing its job, me quick surf-channeling up/down/down, and all in the sudden: timeshift2 is frozen, and not recording any more. This is 2nd stupid bug, I hope soon will be solved :( 3) Using 2 USB disks, 1st for TV recording, and 2nd for playing back MKVs, I must first start a recording of DVB-C, leave it for at least 1 minute (to c00l down), and only then start playing from 2nd disk, everything to be ok. If I am watching 2nd disk, and meanwhile TV-schedule starts recording on 1st disk, everyhing mecame messy, frozen, broken: nothing is saved, and nothing is able to be played properly. Only turning off TV helps. Is CPU in these 2013 TVs series 620x too weak, or is it happening to 740, 860 or 940 also ? LG doctors, thanks for reply and fixing firmware bugs ASAP.... or I will have to switch to other brand of TV :( 26 September 2013
this product has great potential. I love the look of this tv, very stylish, but cannot get hd via built in freeview hd and sky hd, freesat hd or bluray dvd via hdmi.No definition whatsoever. Hope that a new update will improve this problem. Could LG technical department give me an answer? 22 July 2013
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