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Fast & Clean Laundry with TurboWash from LG

LG’s TurboWash technology uses a unique jet spray for excellent washing performance in less than an hour. You’ll always be satisfied with a washing performance that saves you time and energy.

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With a selection of high-efficiency LG washing machine models that are designed to reduce energy costs and water consumption, you’re sure to find plenty of options with the styles, colours and functions that fit your life.  Learn More

Whether you need an LG washing machine model that’s big enough for family-sized loads, or one just for you, you’ll find a range of capacities (from 7kg to 11kg) and a selection of popular colours. Available as white, silver or black washing machines, there’s an LG washing machine model to match any utility room or kitchen.

With Direct Drive™ technology, LG washing machines are quiet and energy efficient. The Bio Cycle erases tough stains and the unique Medic Cycle removes all traces of detergent. Best of all, available as black or silver washing machines, they look great doing it.

Sleek Stainless Steel Design: Featuring a sleek, silver design that gives any home a modern look, you’ll find silver washing machines that not only look great, they have a host of features like 6 Motion™ technology and LG’s Direct Drive Motor.

White Washing Machines: Designed to look good in any space, white LG washing machine models not only give your home a clean look, they still offer revolutionary features like LG Steam Direct Drive, which gets rid of wrinkles, as well as 99.8% of pet dander, dust mites, and other common allergens.

Integrated Washer Dryer: If you’re short on space-or you don’t have an external venting source, LG Integrated Washer Driers are the perfect option. You get twice the performance in half the space. They also come in a selection of colours.

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