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The Essential Fashion Accessory



  • 6Motion DD for Ultimate Fabric Care
  • Inverter Direct Drive with 10 Year Warranty
  • Peace of Mind thanks to Smart Diagnosis
  • Washing Capacity - 8 kg



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LG is now a better brand than the traditional ones Great product so far! As per usual time will tel you!!! The Direct Drive technology is quiter because the motor speen at lower revs than the traditional systems, therefore should also last much longer... If LG offers value for money, I will keep them on my good books and we will be loyal to their brand. Our Hot Point only gave us disappointment after disappointment, we will never go back to their brand. If LG increases their product range on offer, we will a LG Home from top to bottom!!! 06 May 2014
A real washing machine with style This machine is a good looking machine, has quick and easy programes, Has a quick 30 minute cycle and is also very quite. It also plays a little tune to tell you when its finished. We took out the 5 year warrenty also for £170 with Currys which includes a yearly service. The main drum on this machine is also guaranteed for 10 years. Lets me know the parts are quality. 14 January 2014
Looks great, washes well, life's good. Really wanted the direct drive system to give the machine more longevity. It's got rid of stains in clothing that the old machine didn't touch. 08 January 2014
Great Product and easy to use. The LG washing machine is a great product, it has all features you will ever need. The wash cycle and spin are quiet but the pump tends to be a bit noisy although no more than any other washing machine. I have the 1200 spin; go for the 1400 if you can as mine does tend to leave the cloths a little wet after the final spin. Build quality seems good so far, the appearance of the machine is nice and it has all the lights and sounds you could ever want. Wash results are very good although I have not put anything heavily soiled through it as yet. If you put your liquid directly into the drum you will notice that the drum slowly rotates for a while as it attempts to weigh the load and select the appropriate time for the wash so the liquid tips out before the water arrives in the drum, I don't think its a problem but I have noticed that the water does not foam up like my old machine. 12 November 2013
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Installation Note: Industry-wide best practice is to install your washing appliance on a levelled solid concrete, tiled or non-suspended wooden floor to ensure minimum vibration and noise.

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