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12KG Capacity In A Standard Sized Washer



  • 6Motion DD for Ultimate Fabric Care
  • Inverter Direct Drive with 10 Year Warranty
  • Big In™ Large Capacity - 12 kg



F1495BDA 4.3 5 6 6
This product is very quiet when spinning. bigger drum and quiet spin. In the rinse program, we can only put 3 at a time, and have to do it again and again if we need more and it takes more time to do that way. It should be more rinses added. It's VERY expensive for what it is, maybe it is because of the long lifetime motor which is 10 years ? 11 January 2015
Overall excellent A very good machine just lacking a 50 degree wash option. The Intensive60 wash is excellent and is what made our decision to buy it. Definitely would recommend the washer. 06 May 2014
For the money I expected more It's a very clever, sophisticated washing machine but I must say I expected more. The first issue I have with it is that when its cycle has completed and you open the door you get a not insignificant dribble of water running out from the door seal which ends up on the floor. Very annoying. I usually keep a towel on the floor under the machine to mop up. It's also annoying that once a cycle has started you can't cancel. Once it starts filling up with water you just have to let the cycle run. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong on this! My old machine - I won't mention the brand - allowed you to press cancel, it would then drain and allow you to open the door - and it was a very useful feature. Also, if you have an unbalanced load it does not automatically stop. It just carries on alarmingly sometimes. I was quite scared the first time - I thought it was going to bounce right out of its place and I'm sure I could actually see sparks inside!!! I somehow doubt it will stand the test of time. 07 January 2014
An economical wash Being able to combine all my week's laundry, both daily clothing and the bed sheets, into one wash, saves me massive amounts of water and electricity, notwithstanding that this unit also washes faster and seemingly better than my previous large drum LG. Adding the saving I can make by washing & re-using my duvets, the benefits are immeasurable and the savings this machine will make over a decade, during which the major parts are warrantied, will be immense. Highly recommended to cut down on laundry time, water and electricity, a winner all round and the simple programming and user friendly digital display ensures total user control with or without the instructions. It also only requires a cold feed now, not both hot & cold, saving on plumbing needs. I'm delighted, only annoyed that the idiot in Curry's did not sell me or deliver the correct machine so I don't have the added steam function I requested. No matter, I am pleased with my purchase and look forward to years of reliable use as for my last LG. 07 November 2013
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Installation Note: Industry-wide best practice is to install your washing appliance on a levelled solid concrete, tiled or non-suspended wooden floor to ensure minimum vibration and noise.

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