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Our Smart Technology, Your Smart Clothes

8KG 6 Motion DD Washing Machine With Stylish Chrome Door


  • 6Motion DD for Ultimate Fabric Care
  • Inverter Direct Drive with 10 Year Warranty
  • Peace of Mind thanks to Smart Diagnosis
  • Washing Capacity - 8 kg



F14A8TDA 4.3 5 6 6
A quiet efficient machine. This is a very good appliance. After being connected, it immediately identified a drainage problem. I was able to rectify the fault, after which the machine worked perfectly. The clothes are clean, fresh and ready for hanging on the line or sorting for either tumbling or hanging in a small room with a dehumidifier overnight. By far the best washing machine we have owned. 10 September 2014
Worst machine ever - disappointed This is my second LG direct drive machine and I'm sad to say it has the same disappointing performance as the last one (F12A8TDA). Whilst it's feature rich, looks lovely and is very easy to use I can't seem to get a decent wash out of it. Everything I put in comes out feeling rough, with terrible bobbling, frayed or torn at the seams. Knicker elastic or tracksuit elastic comes out stressed and stretched even using the lowest spin speed 400. Even when I select no spin it still seems to spin at the fastest speed regardless. Despite such an intensive wash it doesn't seem to remove stains effectively. Not sure why clothes come out so badly, I put clothes in according to the programme settings in the manual e.g. synthetics on the easy care programme. Having inspected the drum I can only conclude that it's the seam that's damaging my clothes. It's a raised corrugated seam where the two ends ot the drum are welded together, I think clothes may be getting caught on this. I've noticed after removing clothes, if I run my hand on the inside of the drum it's covered in a thick film of fluff - stripped fabric from the washed clothes. It's like the seam is grating fabric from the clothes. I'm so disappointed, it wasn't a cheap machine so I was expecting at least a half decent wash. Especially with all the positive reviews. I thought perhaps I'd just got a duff machine before so opted for the next model up but still the same poor performance. I can't recommend this to anyone. 01 September 2014
Oh so quiet...... This is the quietest washing machine i have ever owned. Prior to this machine I had a Dyson (which just stopped working, no longer able to find parts or engineers) it was excellent quality and great performance I wanted another machine that could match both quality and performance. After looking at hundreds of washing machines and reading countless reviews I decided on an LG......and I am glad I did. I have recommended this machine and a couple of other LG models to friends and family, this is a new edition to my family and I love it.... 07 July 2014
Good build quality, very quiet in operation This machine was a replacement for a new Samsung machine which had been fitted with wrong components. This LG machine has all the features of the Samsung but is £60 cheaper. Has all the features necessary for various washes and is easy to use. 06 May 2014
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Installation Note: Industry-wide best practice is to install your washing appliance on a levelled solid concrete, tiled or non-suspended wooden floor to ensure minimum vibration and noise.

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